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GSL ENERGY Supplies 20Kwh LiFePo4 Battery Home Storage System in Thailand


A newly installed 20Kwh LiFePo4 battery home storage system in Thailand. GSL ENERGY supplies a 20Kwh lithium battery storage system matched with a 6kva SOFAR smart hybrid inverter for residential home use. This latest project 20Kwh solar storage system in Thailand, using 2 pieces of 48V 200AH 10Kwh powerwall lithium battery, GSL’s most popular lithium battery.


Mr. Steven, our Thailand client, wants to install a backup energy storage system and save more cost on the electricity bill for his personal house. He said, “I planned to install solar energy storage system for my villas house several months ago. Cause the grid power supply in our city is not stable. We had to face the darkness or use the generator during the grid electricity failure. So I decided to install an energy storage system for back up. I have compared several suppliers before I chose GSL ENERGY. I love their wall-mounted battery design and the high quality. More importantly, their battery can match with my hybrid inverter that I purchased before. GSL ENERGY also provides us 10-years warranty for the battery.”


With the help and guidance of GSL Energy engineer, Mr. Steven finally installed his 20Kwh power storage wall lithium battery from GSL ENERGY. And the system is working perfectly now. “We really appreciate Mr. Jim. CEO of GSL ENERGY. His service is professional and considerate. Jim is very patient to offer me their advanced lithium batteries solution. I contacted him by email. And he sent me a solution with quotation quickly. Mr. Jim referred to my electricity bill when designing the battery capacity of my solar system. Finally, he suggested me choosing power storage wall battery and installed 2 pcs of 10kwh. So the total battery capacity is 20kwh. Power storage wall lithium battery is very smart and suitable for house solar energy storage system. Also it is very easy to install and use for me.”, mentioned by Mr. Steven.

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“We are so happy to cooperate with Mr. Steven. And thanks him for sharing feedback and installation picture with us.”, said by Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY. “In fact, Mr. Steven project is very easy for us. We have a lot of clients who come and buy batteries for their home solar storage system. We have rich experience in the residential solar system.”


GSL ENERGY has been in solar on-off grid system storage since 2006 and helped design over 20000 different solar house solution already. Right now, GSL ENERGY power storage wall 10kwh battery and UL ,CE approved hybrid inverter products can give end users more security system goods solutions. “We will offer 5-years warranty on our hybrid inverters and 10 years on our wall-mounted powerwall lifepo4 battery system.” Added by Mr. Jim,

Now, there is a very smart bi directional solar inverter system working at Mr. Steven’s home.

The GSL ENERGY 20kwh power storage wall battery system can be fully charged by solar power and at first during day time, then offer extra power to loading or sell extra green energy to grid net via meter. When there is no grid electricity or sunshine, the system will switch to the UPS mode automatically. Batteries will be discharged immediately to power up the loading at home. With the GSL ENERGY batteries, Mr. Steven doesn’t need to worry about power cuts anymore.

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GSL ENERGY powerwall is purely developed by GSL ENERGY smart bms team and it is very strong, heavy duty and powerful now. It can not only have rs485/canbus inside, but also meet all off grid solar inverters in the world too. The BMS can support large discharge current from 100-140A to meet all present solar inverter 48vdc from 4kva to 12kva pure sine wave inverter discharge bigger to heavy home loading like air conditioners, etc. Anyway, we spent over 2 years to test our powerwall products and bms to over 20 different countries clients and collected their final feedback to improve its stability now. We will also offer the same 10-years warranty as TESLA POWERWALL does, too. We are surely confident on our top great A lifepo4 battery cells with cycle life 5000 times now. “

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