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GSL ENERGY will attend 128th Online Canton fair from Oct 15-25, 2020


State-of-the-art production lines, well-equipped plants, skillful workers and a complete product portfolio. All of the aforementioned items were hard for companies to gather and present together during the 128th of the Canton Fair. At the 128th session, which is being held online, they are easily showcased via exhibitors’ livestreaming.

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 “Because of COVID-19, we have a lot of clients who can not visit and meet our factory. Via this 128 online Canton fair, GSL ENERGY is ready for it because GSL ENERGY has stable and experienced ALIBABA B2B promotion team since 2006. We are so excited to attend this online trade show and present global clients with our advanced powerwall lifepo4 battery products.”said by Mr. JIM DENG, CEO of GSL ENERGY.

“this will be a great opportunity comparing with traditional trade show because in trade show, you just have fixed overseas clients who can come to visit our booth only. But online show is totally different, all the clients who has smart phone with wifi can visit our online platform and see GSL ENERGY 24v 48v 96v-400VDC lifepo4 batteries storage system used in solar home storage system and commercial solar storage system. At present, GSL ENERGY 12V-400VDC Smart BMS can cover all hybrid single phase and three phase solar inverters in the world now. ”

Their experiences at the fair over last 127th online Canton fair have helped GSL ENERGY realize the importance of making full use of the online platform.

GSL ENERGY is to take an active part in online marketing.

“Foreign trade businesses are quick to learn,” said a representative of the China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products, also known as CFNA. “The online Canton Fair will encourage foreign traders to move further on the cloud.”

Fully-prepared businesses benefit from their livestreaming hits while those lacking experience are trying to catch up, he said, adding that attending the fair on the cloud is a compulsory lesson for foreign trade professionals to learn.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, China’s foreign trade sector, which is riding on a wave of the cloud, has showcased its flexibility and strength.

Data from various trade associations show the number of exhibitors at the 127th Canton Fair outgrew that of its previous sessions, and online exhibits are richer than ever.

GSL ENERGY have increased investment in preparing their livestreaming and won acclaim at the fair.

GSL ENERGY will present their products around-the-clock online and have gained more opportunities to reach deals during the 10-day fair.

“We wants to be a serious high-quality exhibitors putting ourselves in a high-profile position via various digital marketing operations, such as WeChat promotional activities, livestreaming and flash sales.” Said by Mr.Rudy Ye, Marketing manager of GSL ENERGY.

According to the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, or the CCCME, leading home appliance providers have still achieved growth despite the sluggish export of the overall sector.

“The 127th Canton Fair has tried its best to create an online trading platform, and has earned attention from around the world,” said the CCCME official.

The chamber of commerce will work together with its member companies participating in the event to sum up experience, innovate trade modes, boost faith in market prospects and open a new chapter in foreign trade in machinery and electronics, the officials said.

Wait for you to visit us on Oct 15-25.

GSL ENERGY professional international sales team will offer excellent service to you in 24hours/7days without non-stop rest.

No matter where you are from, GSL ENERGY will always be online waiting for you and give you excellent powerwall lifepo4 battery products for solar home storage system.

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