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GSL ENERGY will attend the 10th PV GUANGZHOU fair on August 16-18 2019


To brand GSL ENERGY at home and overseas and to let more and more clients to use green energy solutions, GSL ENERGY will attend Guangzhou PV fair on August 16-18 2019 next month. 

GSL ENERGY-Gsl Energy Will Attend The 10th Pv Guangzhou Fair On August 16-18 2019,

“As GSL ENERGY is developing faster and faster, we are very happy to attend PV Guangzhou fair next month. It is a good chance to let home and overseas client to know GSL ENERGY great lifepo4 batteries products, although GSL is the first time to attend this show. "said by Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY.

GSL ENERGY will present hot 12v 10-300AH, 4850-2U, 48100-4U,5U and Powerwall 5kwh,7kwh and 10kwh, which are very short of supply from factory now. 

" Our order is very full on these products we made these years now. " said by Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY. 

At present, GSL ENERGY lifepo4 lithium batteries are sold to over 100 countries in the world now. 90% of them are matched with solar inverter and working very well in the whole system. 

GSL ENERGY will offer 5 years warranty on 12vdc lithium batteries, 10 years warranty on 48Vdc U-rack design and powerwall lifepo4 battery products. 

"We are proud of our lifepo4 battery technology since 2006. Our battery cycle life can reach over 3500 times and still have over 80% capacity for clients to use over next 5-10 years. We are confident that GSL ENERGY will be a great famous brand for all clients to love and trust step by step.” said by Mr. David Guo, CTO OF GSL ENERGY. 

To offer overseas clients excellent service, GSL ENERGY has cooperated with local long term partners with sales center and after-sales service in USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, UK, GERMANY and Australia, etc. We still have a lot of potential clients to be willing to sell GSL patented 12V advanced lithium batteries and powerwall storage systems. 

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