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Here\'s why your iPhone battery power is plummeting in the cold weather - and the dangers of \'cold-charging\'

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
Why does your iPhone battery life plummet in cold weather? There is a scientific reason behind this --
It\'s not because you\'re using your snow live.
Back garden covered on Snapchat. The lithium-
The ion battery in the Iphone will soon lose its life in cold temperatures.
In a few minutes, the battery may lose enough power to turn off the device.
Technically, the mobile phone is not actually discharged.
Instead, lithium-
According to Apple\'s dystopian website, ion batteries can\'t work at all at extreme cold temperatures. The lithium-
There are many advantages of ion batteries
They are much lighter than other types of rechargeable batteries of the same size, where a lot of energy can be stored and hundreds of charge/discharge cycles can be handled.
However, the battery is very sensitive to both low and high temperatures.
They are in optimal use between zero and 35 degrees Celsius.
IPhone users are also advised not to charge lithium
Ion batteries with temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.
Doing so will result in a permanent loss of battery capacity, even at a \"cold-Charging \"activity.
In addition, lithium-
Ion batteries that have been \"cold\"
\"Charging\" is not safe to use.
In order to avoid all of the above, it is recommended that the phone user put the phone in his pocket when going out and walking, or use the hot phone cover.
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