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HK clients visited GSL for ESS cooperation.


Today. HK client Mr. Lawson (CEO of CST) and Mr. Paul Li from HK PC ORG visited GSL energy for ESS solution cooperation.

HK PC will recycle EV battery for ESS use via replacing old BMS and using new PCS( Power Control System)  from GSL ENERGY.

“This is a green energy demonstration project to show HK PC contribution, hopping to create a much greener HK environment. At present, HK has over 40000 EVs running on the road in HK each day. We have built over 10000 home and commercial charge stations for HK ev users”, said Mr. Lawson Lau, CST EV charge company, “ After three years, 80% of ev battery module will be retired as it will drop below 80% soon. Then HK will have larger quantity retired high voltage ev battery module to be recycled. How to deal with these recycled ev battery and how to let them still working well in ess will be our HK PC solution needing to be solved asap.

“Yes. that is right”,  said by Mr. paul Li, engineer of HK PC. “HK PC has full responsibility to manage these recycled ev battery to make HK more greener in the future. GSL ENERGY has been in ess over 6 years and has full experience to guide us on how to deal with these recycled ev battery well.”

“We are so happy to get involved this awesome project”, said Mr. Jim Deng. CEO of GSL ENERGY. “Our present smart PCS 30kva 380V model is fully meeting HK client needs after studying the project details. It has stable CANBUS/RS485  to transfer with BMS and control the recycled ev battery charge and discharge well. We hope to work together with HK PC to give HK people more green energy environment. This is just a good beginning”.

On meeting, GSL energy introduced factory high quality battery cell and packs. solar business and PCS quality on ess application. GSL ENERGY patented PCS can accept wide range of lithium battery voltage from 200-800vdc, 30kva pcs module has passes IEC, TUV,CE and UL already, selling a lot to Europe, Australia and USA. support hot plug functions, parallel module connection. user-friendly main pages to easy understanding for even new users.OEM and ODM is welcome.


The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) is a multi-disciplinary organization established by statute in 1967. HKPC’s mission is to promote productivity excellence through the provision of integrated support across the value chain of Hong Kong firms, in order to achieve a more effective utilization of resources, to enhance the value-added content of products and services, and to increase international competitiveness.

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