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How to Make 18650 Li-ion Charger Station for a Budget

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
A lithium-
Lithium Ion battery or lithium battery
Ion battery (abbreviated as LIB) is a rechargeable battery in which lithium ion moves from the negative pole to the positive pole during discharge and lithium ion moves from the negative pole to the positive pole when charging. Li-
Compared to lithium metal used in non-lithium ion batteries, ion batteries use a plug-in lithium compound as an electrode material
Rechargeable lithium battery.
The electrolyte and two electrodes that allow the movement of ions are components of lithium
Ion battery. Lithium-
Ion batteries are common in household electronics.
They are one of the most popular rechargeable batteries in portable electronics.
Since it was very popular here, I decided to make a cheap charger for everyone to copy at home.
We need the following things for this project: some charging board modules to control the battery 4.
2 v full power 3.
7 v nominal and 3.
Let\'s get startedI to remove the battery from the Poundshop power supply group, in which there are small modules, batteries, plastic housing, some cord wires, for a small application, these batteries are written more than okthis, 18650 1200, but I don\'t think the price is the actual power, but 900 is enough for the lights, small motors such as pc fans, relays, radios charge smartphones 2 times with 4 x batteries and manage to power multiple USB devices for several hours.
We will use 4 separate controllers to charge the charger for each of the 4 batteries. This is the module responsible for charging the 18650 to 4.
2 v and stop the charging process, they have protection for the low voltage of 3.
2 v they flash the blue led and disconnect the power. They need a 5 v power supply of about 1A. They don\'t have polarity protection, so if you connect the battery to the wrong location when you buy the first thing about this power bank, what you end up getting you have to weld the wires like in the picture, then connect the charging module according to the battery stand, remember not to reverse the battery. Also, you can add some switches on all the modules and the power supply to connect in parallel must be at least 5 v 1.
5AAs improvement, we can add a constant current testercan between the battery and the controller, as the load connection multi meter, we will connect the USB light, because during the discharge process, we don\'t need to lose the power to power the USB light or start-up-
Stop timing, record the end of the unloading process, we will find the capacity of the battery by multiplying the time and power consumption by 60. Thanks for watching, please visit the channel on youtube.
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