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How To Make Your Laptop Battery (Almost) Perform As Advertised

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
How the battery lives, even the best battery has a life, during which it will naturally degrade
At least in the current technology.
At present, most laptops are made of lithium-ion batteries, usually abbreviated as Li-Ion.
They can usually last 300-
500 charges, the shelf life is about 4 to 5 years.
This is just a limitation of the chemical nature of the battery: it has not changed, at least until a better technology develops.
A reasonable expectation for your battery is that it will last 2 to 4 years.
Of course, this will make a big difference due to useand abuse.
By following some basic battery maintenance steps, you can greatly extend the life of your battery.
Battery Care many people don\'t take good care of their batteries at all, which can lead to poor battery performance, it\'s not anyone\'s fault, it\'s their own fault.
To avoid this, here are some simple tips: Don\'t let your laptop overheat.
This means ensuring that the fan can be properly ventilated at any time and that it does not run on a hard surface that does not take away heat.
Even if it is not running, avoid using a laptop in a hot environment
The best temperature for laptop batteries is at freezing point!
The colder the better (but don\'t put it in the fridge.
Know your charger.
There are a lot of different types of chargers, all of which need to make the most of the different care.
Most of the old computer Chargers allow your computer\'s battery to be charged and then used in the rest of your computer, instead of directly entering the function of your computer, bypassing the battery.
This drip slowly runs out of battery over time, but just run out of it.
However, most updated \"smart\" Battery Chargers send power when plugged directly into the computer and bypassing the battery, which helps to extend battery life to a certain extent.
Charge only when necessary.
If you have an old battery, make sure the battery is completely exhausted before charging when you do need to charge the battery.
Remember that the life of a lithium battery is determined by the set number of charging cycles, not by the charge of the battery-you want to avoid the trickle charge effect mentioned earlier.
The smart battery easily avoids this problem, so keep it plugged in as much as possible.
Power management program.
It\'s a good idea to install some particular power management program on your computer.
Although the available options for the release are different, the more options it has, the better.
Linux users can adjust everything at the micro level through the command line, and there are many open source options available;
Proprietary distributions have default applications that have limited functionality but are also open to many free software programs.
See what\'s out there!
For nuances of lithium battery care, please refer to the manufacturer\'s user manual for batteries.
If your battery is not lithium, like NiMH and NiCad, then be sure to find the best care steps that suit your battery type: each of them must be treated differently from the lithium battery.
But how do you make the individual charge last longer? Dim The Screen.
In most laptops, the LCD screen is the biggest power for the whole machine.
Dimming the LCD screen may take some time to adapt, but this is the only best way to save money.
Also, make sure to set the option to automatically dim the screen when idling. Disable Non-
Basic functions.
Bluetooth and wifi are very powerful.
It is best to disable these features when not in use.
If your laptop uses a rotating hard drive then try to reduce those activities that require deep activity
Memory function.
Do not run a cd or dvd unless necessary.
Reduce speaker volume.
Really, just try to run the simplest operation you can do.
Although it can be painful in the first place, it will eventually become a habit and you will see an improvement in your battery life.
Sleep and Sleep.
If you \'ve been idling for too long, it\'s better to set up your computer so it can stand by, sleep and/or sleep.
Most laptops have options so that it can do either of these three features in a variety of power profiles, so it is very customizable.
For more tips, check out this article on maximizing laptop battery power.
Some say it\'s not all your fault if the battery doesn\'t work properly.
In fact, the computer industry has spread a lot of misconceptions, especially about how long their batteries last.
The company tests battery life under minimum power usage conditions: minimum CPU usage, no wi-
Fi, you won\'t use anything.
Playing video games will greatly reduce battery life, just like surfing the Internet and reading articles on how to extend battery time.
If you practice some of the battery care tips explained above, you\'ll be close to the manufacturer\'s number, but most users won\'t be close to it.
For some details about the battery test process, please check this NYT article about the battery life test for your laptop.
People usually just shrug and accept this low quality and publicity from laptop manufacturers, and someone is trying to change that.
There are countless bloggers who have called for reforms to some businesses, especially providing multiple power profiles for laptop packaging.
Seeing people increasingly unhappy with this matter
The choice of high quality laptops is expanding every day
This may not last.
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