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isro transfers its lithium-ion technology to 10 industries for development of electric vehicles

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
KOCHI: isros Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (in addition to pushing the rocket with space-grade lithium-ion batteries)VSSC)
10 capable Indian industries have now been chosen to transfer their internal
Buy lithium ion technology for 1 crore rupee.
This technology will help Indian industry \"build lithium-
Ion battery production facilities developed by electric vehicles.
\"Many ISRO rockets have been launched using lithium ion (Li-ion)
Battery as a power supply. Space grade Li-
Recently, when PSLV was successfully launched, ion technology was used.
C44, it will be used for the upcoming GSLV-
Plan for Chandra-
Lunar mission in April.
We have signed a contract with BHEL to produce Li-
\"Ion batteries are used as power supplies for satellite and launch vehicle applications,\" ISRO chairman K Sivan told TOI . \".
\"Now, ISRO is-house Li-
Transfer of ion technology for commercial production to Indian industry to establish lithium-
Ion battery production facilities for the development of local electric vehicles.
The nominal cost of transferring technology to industry is Rs 1.
\"It is not difficult to reduce technology from space to automotive because chemical reactions will be the same, although this will bring initial costs to the industry,\" he said . \".
\"The Top 10 industries selected through qualification requirements \"(RFQ)
Including Amara Raja Battery Co. , Ltd. headquartered in Kerala, Amara Raja Battery Co. , Ltd. headquartered in Chittoor, Bharat Electronics Co. , Ltd. , Exicom Tele-
GOCL Co. , Ltd. , Jyoti CNC Automation Co. , Ltd. , System Co. , Ltd. Limited. (NALCO)
Tata hbir Agricultural Energy Co. , Ltd. , Tata Chemical Co. , Ltd. and Thermax Co. , Ltd. “Li-
Ion technology is widely used in satellite and launch vehicle applications due to its high energy density, high reliability and long life cycle.
Made of light lithium and carbon, Li-
The weight of the ion battery is 1 out of 10 of other car batteries.
This initiative is expected to achieve India\'s zero emission policy and accelerate the development of India\'s electric vehicle industry.
S. Somnath, director of VSSC, told TOI earlier, \"NITI Aayog is behind us in starting technology transfer . \".
In addition, he said, \"in the production of Li
Ion batteries, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Australia are already leading the way, and India has not (do so).
We want Indian companies to use space-class Li-
Ion technology for commercial applications. We will hand-
Companies with financial stability and technical capabilities leverage space-level Li-
Ion technology in commercial vehicle industry.
\"Industry will invest about Rs 40 crore for machinery and commercial production \".
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