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japan probe finds lithium ion battery in 787 operated by …

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
Earlier this month, a lithium-ion battery on a Boeing 787 aircraft overheated on a full-day flight, and the voltage suddenly dropped without overcharging as previously thought, Japan\'s traffic safety agency said on Wednesday.
Japan\'s transport safety board chairman, Hiroshi Sato, told reporters that jet data recorders showed that the main battery used to power many electrical systems on the jet did not exceed its maximum voltage.
This contradicts what the agency said earlier in the US investigation. S.
Federal Aviation Administration
50 of Boeing\'s 787 Dreamliners delivered to the airline stopped flying after ANA\'s emergency landing in western Japan on January. 16.
Boeing has stopped delivering new aircraft until it can solve electrical problems.
The maximum voltage recorded by the battery is 31 volts, which is below the limit of 32 volts, Goto said.
But he said the data also showed a sudden drop in battery voltage for unknown reasons.
Planes don\'t usually use lithium-ion batteries of 787 choice, and investigators are still trying to figure out what might be wrong.
\"It\'s not that hard, but we\'re not very familiar with it,\" said Hou Teng . \".
The Transportation Safety Board said it will also study the auxiliary batteries of the aircraft and compare the data for each battery.
Investigators on both sides are investigating GS Yuasa, the manufacturer of burnt batteries, and are using CAT scans at a facility at the Japanese space agency to check the batteries. U. S.
Investigators also said they did not find any evidence that the batteries ignited by the Japanese airline Boeing 787 aircraft on the tarmac at Boston airport earlier this month were overcharged.
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