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mercedes-benz introduces new lithium-ion battery - …

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
Daimler S400 Hybrid will be available in mid-term
2009, is expected to become the first electric motor hybrid car powered by lithiumion battery.
Compared to the more bulky nickel of Toyota and Honda, it costs 26 kg and the size of the briefcase is
The hydrogen battery occupies a large part of the space in their car trunk, and Mercedes wants its battery and luxurious S-
So far, Japanese automakers have dominated the electric vehicle market.
According to Mercedes, the new hybrid represents the world record for fuel economy for luxury cars.
By combining the fuel motor with the motor that stores the braking energy released by acceleration, the dual engine-a 279-
Supported by 20 hp V6
Horsepower Motor-up to 15 mph and 0 mph
Accelerate 60 miles in 7. 2 seconds.
However, it only consumes 7.
9 litres of gasoline every 60 miles (
30 miles per gallon)
Compared to the traditional Mercedes-Benz S350, it consumes 10. 1 litres (23mpg). “The lithium-
Ion batteries are the key components [Manufacturing vehicles
Power and create sustainable mobility, \"said Eva Wiese, spokesman for Mercedes-Benz Technology and Environmental Communications.
Mercedes in Stuttgart
The new technology, she said, applies not only to hybrid cars, but also to all batteries --
Operating vehicles including plugs
Hybrid, fully hybrid and electric vehicles.
The Green gambling of Cedar did not stop there.
The company will launch a series of products.
Electric Smart car next year (
At present, a Test team of 100 people is driving on the streets of London)
, Plans to produce an electric version of its A-
Course before 2010-all driven by lithium-ion batteries.
However 120-
Volt batteries won\'t be cheap, at least not in the first place.
Battery produced by French supplier Saft, initial cost estimate of lithium
1,500 euro ion battery (£1,200). Karl-
Thomas Noyman, CEO of the continental company that developed the battery, called the technology a \"significant breakthrough\" and would help bring 2m new hybrid vehicles to market by 2012, which would significantly reduce costs.
Mercedes has been lagging behind in the hybrid market for many years and is facing fierce competition.
At the Paris auto show in October, Peugeot and Citroen are pushing their hybrid and electric technology, while Renault, Mitsubishi and GM are working hard to develop electric technology.
Only the German carmaker Volkswagen (Volkswagen) released its latest Golf model two weeks ago-with neither hybrid nor electric options-with slower warming to the hybrid\'s future.
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