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Pakistan clients visited GSL for ESS business cooperation in 2018.


March 21, 2018-- Today, one of biggest Pakistan energy partner SKYELECTRIC ( Subsidiary of SAIF Group ) Mr. Farrukh Kamran ( CTO), and Mr. Muhammad Adnan Janjua( MSC-Manager Supply Chain) visited GSL ENERGY Shenzhen factory.

During meeting, Mr. Kamran introduced their years experience on green solar panel system and storage system in present Pakistan market. “ This year, our company specially pays attention to lithium battery energy storage system, so we hope to work with GSL ENERGY together to help us to grow up this ESS market”, said by Mr. Kamran, CTO of SKYELECTRIC, “ We are so impressed by GSL energy over ten years experience on solar and lithium battery business. We hope to learn and cooperate with GSL engineer on MWH ESS project in 2018”.

“We are so happy with working with SKYELECTRIC partners to develop Pakistan green energy market”, said by Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY, “GSL ENERGY has over 6 years on lithium battery plus solar storage system. At present, GSL ENERGY has help build over 100mwh solar ESS for home and overseas clients already. We look forward to more cooperation with SKYELECTRIC company to penetrate into Pakistan market in 2018” .

After meeting, Mrs Janice Ma, sales manager of GSL ENERGY,  invite client visit GSL factory high quality control lithium battery and PCS on ESS, also take client to see present 100kva/50kva lithium ESS for home clients on frequency regulation, which can discharge 100kwh in several minutes , proving GSL lifepo4 battery quality on ESS application.

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