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pedro arrais review: accord hybrid gains more refinement

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
2017 Honda Accord Hybrid sedan returned a year later
More powerful power and the addition of some security features keep it ahead of the competition.
This new model benefits from what the industry calls mid-
With a circular upgrade, it can be equipped with features and technologies that prove to be popular with consumers.
Honda says its active condom is Honda Sensing Technology-
Including front collision warning, collision mitigation braking, lane-
Lane-departure warning
Maintain assistance to reduce road deviation and adaptive cruise control.
The suite is available for an extra fee and can also be included in certain models. The gasoline-
Starting at $24,590, there are seven different power agreements that can be ordered to cut levels.
There are two hybrid models and the standard model starts at $31,200.
My tester is the best. of-the-
The Line Touring model is priced at $37,300.
Honda took one-
Adjust the two-year breakmotor hybrid-
Drive power unit.
The power supply is still generated by two a 2. 0-litre four-
Akinson cylinder-
Gasoline engine and electric motor.
The power of the gasoline engine increased slightly (
143 hp to 141)
However, compared with 181, the motor now produces 166 horsepower, and the combined power of the two is increased from 212 hp to 196 HP.
The power of the front drive wheel is provided by a gas engine or 1. 3-kWh lithium-ion battery.
Honda\'s hybrid is only sips 4.
The city has 9 liters of gasoline and 5 liters of gasoline every 100 kilometers. On the highway.
There are three driving modes for hybrid power, EV (
Electric vehicles), gas-
Hybrid and gasoline.
At low speeds, the car is powered by an electric car and/or a hybrid mode.
The acceleration enables the engine to start to provide additional power, and the highway drive is a combination of gas and electric vehicle drive.
Take your feet off the throttle, the motor turns into a generator, charging the battery while slowing down and braking.
The fuel economy is better than the Toyota Camry hybrid, but it is similar to the Chevrolet Malibu hybrid.
Electric car mode can be up to 40 km/h.
In the process of rapid acceleration, the two motors cooperate to provide 232 lbs. -ft.
Torque up to 2, 000r. p. m.
On the highway, the car is driven by a gasoline engine and assisted by an electric motor if needed.
Even on the highway, the cycle of electric vehicles
Only operation is possible under light load.
This is a seamless system with only one chart on the dashboard indicating when EV mode is played. The 1. 3-
The battery size of KWh is moderate.
This means that like most hybrid cars, pure electric cars are limited in driving.
A button at the bottom of the gear bar allows the vehicle to be in electric vehicle mode, exceeding the computer of the car.
But sometimes, for example, when the engine is cold, the car will refuse instructions. The E-
The CVT found on Accord Hybrid is different from the conventional continuous variable transmission found in gasoline
Powered because it does not use a belt or chain connected to a variable pulley.
Instead, it controls the speed of the planetary gear set components in the transmission, allowing it to constantly change the gear ratio and keep the engine\'s rotational speed at its best.
The shifters have the usual P, R, N, and D settings, but also the B settings.
When in B, the vehicle uses a more aggressive battery charging algorithm, making the gear a replacement for conventional braking.
It won\'t stop a car, but it can slow down a lot. The Hybrid’s 1. 3-
The kWh battery, located behind the rear seat, deprived the cargo capacity of 382 liters of cargo volume, compared to 447 liters of cargo volume in Accord SE.
Even worse, the back of the rear seat will not be folded to increase the cargo capacity.
Even the Toyota Camry Hybrid has a small opening to carry long items like skis in the car. The mid-
Circular refresh means that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now the standard for adding connections.
Tour decoration now provides two memories for driver seat, LED headlights, heated rear seat, rain
Induction wiper and wireless charging board for Android phones.
There are two stacked infotainment screens.
They can be customized, one of which shows images from the rear and right lane
Replace the camera and other navigation systems required.
My only downside is that there is no knob to control the volume on the audio system
Frustrating backsliding because the last accord I drove three years ago did include one.
However, there is a simple volume control on the steering wheel.
There is no temporary spare tire.
Honda offers a tire repair kit.
The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid has benefited from continuous improvement on an already competitive platform.
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