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Review of Sharp FX Mobile Phone

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
The design of this phone (3 out of 5) is very angled, and its sharp and Square nature provides an innovative and classic way for its new phone.
It is made of plastic and available in black.
The coating of the body is soft and resistant to scratches and dents.
Unlike a side kick a few years ago, sharp FX has got rid of the swing open screen and instead slides off the QWERTY keyboard.
The WQVA touch screen supports 262 k color with a resolution of 240x400 pixels.
The 3 inch capacitive screen pales in comparison to the phone\'s 4 screens. 5 x 2. 2 x 6.
0 yards, 5 ounces a little heavy.
In addition, the touch screen does not respond quickly to certain touch and gesture commands.
This is mainly due to its processor, not the touch screen interface.
Sharp FX has three main buttons at the bottom of the touch screen.
These are the send, end/power and return/menu keys.
Its QWERTY keyboard has four rows of buttons that can be heard clicking when pressed.
The screen changes its direction when the keyboard is on.
Otherwise, the phone does not support the accelerometer, so the direction will remain the same during normal use.
It has a volume rocker, a camera button and a lock/unlock button on the side.
It also has standard 3.
5mm headphone jack and microSD and SIM card slots located behind the battery door.
The user interface (4 out of 5) The user interface of sharp FX is no different from the other smartphone devices provided by AT&T.
The home screen is placed along the bottom of the interface with time, network, signal strength and battery table and four medium-sized icons.
These icons will take the user to the phone, contact list, Mail inbox, and menu on the virtual keyboard.
On the home screen, the user can perform a scan action from left to right and vice versa, but this action does not slide into another home screen and only starts the preset application.
The main menu consists of three screens that can be accessed by swiping your finger on the screen or clicking on one of the three points at the bottom of the screen corresponding to the corresponding page.
Features (5 out of 5) sharp FX is full of multimedia services and applications, including digital TV, music player and FM radio for MediaFLO, to name just a few.
FX\'s music player supports multiple formats;
MP3, AAC, AMR and MIDI files.
MediaFLO provides sharp FX users with full viewing capabilities
Length shows such as ABC Mobile, Comedy Center, Discovery Channel, ESPN Mobile, Nickelodeon, MTV and CBS Mobile, with a service fee of $9 per month. 99.
However, instead of using a data connection, the service uses an antenna to receive broadcasts.
Sharp FX has an excellent GPS app on AT&T\'s navigator.
This smartphone receives updates on maps, directions, and quick routes.
The phone works hard, offers turns through turn navigation, and can reschedule the trip on the go.
AT&T\'s social networking apps collect content from several social networks and display them all on one screen.
Icons corresponding to each network can be found on the main menu.
The email setup is quick and easy to store all the message information on one menu and also allows users to use AIM, Yahoo!
Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.
There are also many third-party apps on sharp FX.
My mobile banking.
Cast Weather, MusicID, mobile TV and YPmobile are some of the apps on all AT&T phones.
Some AT&T applications, such as navigation, radio, and FamilyMap, are also available from sharp FX smartphones.
In addition to FX\'s lag in touch screen response, and some issues with screen size, clarity, and camera capture, sharp FX does offer an excellent user experience.
Browsing is fast and sometimes some web pages slow down.
The call quality of the sharp FX smartphone is inconsistent because in some cases static sound can be heard during the call.
The speaker volume is not as high as other similar mobile devices, so it won\'t be pleasant to play music without headphones. The FX’s 3. 7v Lithium-
The ion battery has a maximum standby time of 4 days, and a maximum of 7 hours of talk time can be provided for one charge.
Sharp FX is a mid-range device for $99.
After 99 rebates, provide decent phone quality and performance.
FX is said to be best suited as a device for young people thanks to its innovative and unique design and classic keyboard applications, in addition, the price applies to budget families who need mobile phones for young people.
However, it is still an all-around phone as it is full of apps that appeal to everyone.
After signing the contract at & t, you can buy sharp FX.
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