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six reasons tesla wants to take over your house

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-09
Tesla Motors
Ready to meet one of the biggest challenges to date: a new home roof system that redefines the aesthetics of solar energy, combined with a huge wall
Hang the battery to provide power at night.
The new product will be unveiled at Universal Studios Los Angeles on Friday night.
This is Tesla\'s biggest push to become asun. to-
It will become Elon Musk\'s final argument to Tesla shareholders about why they should vote on November.
$2 approved.
2 billion acquisition of the largest company in the United StatesS.
Solar energy installer for solar city roof, make everything possible.
Everything we know so far, and some of the things that we will focus on Friday: According to our statistics, there will be as many as five new products on Friday\'s event, but the main attraction is a new solar roof system, perhaps different from other systems on the market.
\"It\'s not something on the roof.
This is the roof, \"Musk said at a conference call in SolarCity on August.
\"You really want a custom roof --
Made as a kit to individual customers and then sent. . .
Delivery Team to install.
\"The product is designed for new buildings or for anyone who plans to replace the aging roof.
Some have speculated that this could be a solar tile similar to what Dow Chemical recently abandoned, or perhaps more similar to a traditional metal roof.
Tesla\'s second largest product will be powerwall 2.
0, a battery designed to hang on the wall and power the entire home.
The original Powerwall was primarily aimed at wealthy early users, and it lacked some of the elements needed to mainstream it. Version 2.
0 will have more capacity and will be specifically designed to work with Tesla\'s solar panels and car chargers.
Before the initial Powerwall release, Elon Musk might even have a feature: \"Beautiful lid, integrated two-way inverter, it\'s just plugand-play.
You can skip some complicated solar hardware installation and just run everything through Powerwall.
If Musk is really ambitious, he can make Powerwall a basic standard component for all Tesla solar products.
Of course, Tesla\'s biggest business is electric vehicles, and the connectors on the walls are key components for fast charging at home for many customers.
It was updated earlier this year, so it\'s not clear what Tesla has in its work after Musk posted this tweet: One possibility is that the charger can be built directly into the Powerwall battery.
By moving some charginghardware from the car to the power wall itself and by quickly dumping the power of the wall battery, Tesla may have found a way to speed up the charging time.
Tesla\'s $500 home charging device adds 52 miles an hour. One long-
Shooting possibilities: We can see the first commercial look of this snake, a strange-
After a video circulated last year, finding a charger prototype became a source of many jokes.
Musk summoned the snake head again last week and told his Twitter followers that the device would be fully used
Autonomous crossover
The country demonstration will be held next year.
If the SolarCity deal is successful, Tesla will get a vast network of electricians who can be trained to install more complex charging devices.
The Tesla event, scheduled for Friday night for more than a thousand people, could run on Tesla solar panels and utilities --
Extended Powerpack battery.
According to a company blog post on Thursday night, the company is doubling the capacity of powerpack.
Tesla recently won a major contract to provide 80 MW of energy storage to the California grid.
This is equivalent to 400 of the company\'s new Powerpack 2 product line.
There are 0 battery towers in the tens of millions of dollars worth of transactions.
If Tesla can make the solar roof attractive and cheap, it could be a real breakthrough for solar in new buildings, as well as for about 5 million people in the United States. S.
They change the roof every year.
For others, Tesla plans to produce a more traditional solar panel.
A big mystery to Friday\'s announcement is who technology is used for every product.
Tesla announced on October.
It is trying to bring in Panasonic to help Solar City, a solar manufacturing plant in Buffalo, New York. Y.
This huge facility is still under construction and should have deployed solar technology that SolarCity had bought to make cheap and efficient panels.
Is there a problem with SolarCity\'s original plan?
Panasonic\'s cooperation depends on Tesla\'s acquisition of SolarCity, which is going through;
What happens to the Buffalo factory if shareholders vote against it?
Tesla said its solar program \"combines the best battery component technology of the two companies and integrates it into a new solar module that will be produced in Buffalo.
I hope we can learn more on Friday.
Tesla said in a document submitted to the United StatesS.
The Securities and Exchange Commission believes that \"the aesthetics and costs of the current Solar System can be significantly improved.
\"How low is Musk in the end, it sounds like it\'s very high --
Solar System end?
Tesla will be the only company to produce its own batteries, inverters, solar panels and car chargers;
Will this reduce the cost enough to make the custom roof affordable?
We\'re about to know.
How long does everyone have to wait for Tesla solar?
If Friday\'s prototype is convincing, but far from mass production, it could pose a real demand problem for SolarCity as people delay the installation of solar energy.
The pressure on SolarCity to complete the deal is almost there --threat levels.
If the deal fails, Panasonic exits, how will these new products be planned?
If Tesla shareholders approve the deal, the SolarCity brand will be phased out.
\"Tesla will sell and sell three products under the Tesla brand --
\"Cars, batteries and solar energy,\" the company told SEC . \".
\"All employees will be Tesla employees who support three Tesla products.
\"It would be interesting if someone shared the stage with Musk in the speech.
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