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Smartphones with longer battery life in the offing

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Scientists have developed a high
Electric, environmental protectionsafe lithium-
Sulfur batteries with significantly longer life. \"Common Lithium
Ion batteries have only a certain capacity, \"said Kyeongjae Cho, a professor at the University of Texas in Dallas, USA.
\"Most people want to use their phones for a long time,\" he said . \"Cho.
Many smartphone users are familiar with the shelf life of lithium. ion batteries.
Sometimes a charge can last about a day. Mr.
Together with research assistant Jeongwoon Hwang, Cho works with other regional scientists to improve lithium-
Sulfur batteries, long considered by many people from lithium-ion batteries.
How do they score on other batteries
Sulfur batteries have important advantages over lithiumion batteries.
According to Mr.
Cho, they make less cost, less weight, and store almost twice the energy of lithium
Better ion batteries for the environment. “A lithium-
Sulfur batteries are the next generation that most people in the research community think . \"Cho said.
\"Its capacity is about three to five times higher than lithium --
Ion battery, which means that if you are used to a phone that lasts three hours, you can use 9 to 15 hours with a lithium battery
\"The sulfur battery,\" he said.
However, lithium
There is no problem with the sulfur battery.
Sulfur is a poor electrical conductor that becomes unstable with only a few chargesand-Recharge cycle.
Another reason for lithium is that the electrode is broken.
Sulfur batteries are not mainstream.
Scientists are trying to improve lithium.
The sulfur battery is made by placing the lithium metal on one electrode and the sulfur on the other.
However, the lithium metal is often too unstable and the sulfur is too insulated.
Scientists have discovered a technology to produce sulfur.
The carbon nanotubes material and nano-material coating that produce more conductivity on one electrode create stability for the other electrode.
The researchers found that the metal element molybdenum, which is usually used to strengthen and harden steel, creates a material that, when combined with two sulfur atoms, can adjust the thickness of the coating, which is thinner than the spider silk-web.
They found that it improved the stability and compensated for the poor conductivity of the sulfur, thus increasing the power density and making the lithium
Commercially viable sulfur batteries.
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