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A Leader of Lithium Lifepo4 Battery in China Since 2006

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GSL supplies lifepo4 battery energy storage systems that will fit the backup needs, space requirements and budget.

The product has great features of high-rate discharge (1C) and superior overcharge endurance. Using gel electrolyte, it is manufactured without an acid layer and features a long service life. We ensure the product is made of green and healthy chemical substances which contain no cadmium metal which does pollution to the environment. In addition, there is no leaking problem. The product is guaranteed to be of the highest level of safety. Being made of imported low resistance materials and processed by advanced technology, it has a strong charge acceptance. It also has excellent recovery performance. By adopting a special patented design and unique formula, the product is endowed with a strong capacity of recovery performance after deep discharge. With an internal BMS, the product, therefore, has the advantage of full protection including high-voltage protection and higher reliability. With precise parts and stable internal structure, the product requires no maintenance and has no memory effect, saving a lot of troubles for users.

Having gone through several phases of tests, GSL's telecom battery system is proved to be of wide operation temperature ranging from 0℃ to 50℃ and a life cycle of over 4000 times.

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