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tesla has this key business that relies on the sun that elon musk isn\'t talking about much

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-09
In all the news about TeslaTSLA -Get Report)
The big Model 3 released the financial report, which was better than the financial report.
With regard to how Tesla\'s solar business is progressing, there is not much to be reported except that the company received orders for solar roof tiles in the second quarter and started installing units.
On Wednesday\'s earnings call, CEO Elon Musk said he and chief technology officer JB Straubel had installed solar roofs at home.
Tesla sold tempered glass roof tiles as a cheaper alternative to traditional solar panels, which are located above traditional roof tiles.
The tiles have four different options, including Tuscan, Slate, smooth and textured, covered with glass to allow the sun to pass through the solar cells.
Active tiles for solar cells $42 per square foot and inert tiles $11 per square foot-
Both include labor and material costs.
Tesla says three tiles.
Several times stronger than the standard roof tile, it was built to withstand various factors.
The company began selling tiles on May\'s website, asking for a $1,000 deposit, which included the removal of the existing roof of the House, the installation of glass bricks, and the provision of backup power through the Powerwall 2 battery.
Tesla originally produced tiles at its factory in Fremont, California.
But they will be produced at a factory in Buffalo, New York. Y.
Later this year
\"This is the first edition,\" Musk said on the earnings call . \".
\"I think the roof looks really shabby --
Just like we keep iterating. \" A mock-
The picture above shows what Tesla\'s solar roof will look like.
Tesla\'s energy generation and storage business includes the SolarCity business, which was once the chairman and largest shareholder of the business. in last November, Tesla bought the business for $2 billion.
The sector continued to grow this quarter.
Revenue from the department was $286.
8 million, up 34% year on yearover-quarter.
The company deployed 176 MW of solar power systems in the second quarter, up from 150 MW in the previous quarter.
Energy storage deployment is decreasing year by yearover-
However, due to Tesla\'s decision to end the gate of SolarCity, this yearto-
Support on-site sales strategies for selling services in Tesla stores and online.
The company expects growth to resume in the fourth quarter.
These energy storage deployments may include the installation of Tesla\'s lithium-
Ion battery storage unit--
Powerpack and Powerwall.
While the business seems to be on track, some analysts are skeptical about whether it can continue to expand.
Experts and analysts are raving about how Tesla\'s solar roof and energy storage products will completely change the way solar energy is used, but the business still seems to be in its early stages, it is unclear whether the business will remain a small part of the company\'s overall business.
In the most recent quarter, the energy generation and storage sector accounted for only 10% of Tesla\'s total revenue of $2. 79 billion.
Tesla executives are also relatively nervous.
According to Business Insider, when it comes to specific details, keep your mouth shut, such as how many solar roofs have been sold so far, except to note that they cost up to 2018.
James Hodgson, industry analyst at ABI Research, a technology consultancy, said: \"If done well, the numbers are shared, and if not, they are kept confidential . \".
\"We don\'t get much insight.
\"Tesla has opened up two promising markets by entering home energy and power storage.
Hodgson pointed out that these areas are also a natural extension of its mobile services and alternative energy work.
\"It makes sense to re-position what you have already done for the home power provider,\" he added . \".
\"When you have these two links in the chain ---
Connection between car and home, then energy capture--
You have a vertically integrated business model.
\"Others, however, are not quite sure.
Gordon Johnson, managing director of consulting firm Axiom Capital Management, is notoriously pessimistic about the solar market, saying demand for solar roofs has fallen across the country in the past few months.
In addition, Tesla\'s solar roof tiles are still more expensive than traditional materials, which makes it difficult for ordinary consumers to buy.
\"The reality is that we don\'t know much about their roof business,\" Johnson said . \".
\"The reason we think they don\'t provide details is because it\'s not competitive [
Other solar roof optionsare out there.
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