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tesla tapped by australia anew in virtual power plant plan

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-09
South Australia plans to launch solar panels and Tesla.
Supply batteries to at least 50,000 families to form what its government calls the world\'s largest virtual power plant.
The trial began with 1,100 public houses, 5 kilowatt solar panels and 13 solar panels. 5 kilowatt-
The state government said on Sunday that the one-hour Tesla Powerwall 2 battery will be installed free of charge and funded through electricity sales.
This will be extended to another 24,000 public housing properties, and then a similar agreement will be provided to all South Australian families, with at least 50,000 families planned to participate in the next four years.
Tesla said in a statement that once built, virtual power facilities can provide as much capacity as large gas turbines or coal-fired power plants.
\"Tesla has earned a reputation here for completing things,\" Tony Wood, director of energy projects at the Grattan Institute in Melbourne --
Think tank said in a telephone interview.
\"If South Australia is able to address the funding and technical aspects of the project, then it is worth doing because we will learn more about the large-scale launch of distributed solar and battery.
Billionaire Elon Musk made the world\'s largest lithium last year.
Ion battery system supporting power outage in South Australia-
Trouble the grid.
Musk bet on Twitter that Tesla could install 100-
Megawatt storage facilities within 100 days in inland Australia, otherwise it will be free-
Fulfilled the promise he made before the summer.
Australia is one of the world\'s largest users of rooftop solar panels, and as power users try to ease escalating electricity bills, Australia could be a record new capacity last year.
Subsidized and generous feed
Earlier this year, tariffs helped boost growth, driven last year by users and suppliers seeking to avoid soaring electricity bills entering the business sector, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
South Australia, which will hold a general election on March 17, suffered
In 2016, when the storm caused a transmission failure, a wide range of power outages.
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull blamed the state for its rapid development
Renewable energy.
Solar and Wind power accounts for about 40% of its power generation, the highest in mainland Australia.
\"What we are doing is effectively putting an additional power plant into the South Australian energy market, and the additional competition drives down everyone\'s price,\" state prime minister Jay Weatherill said . \".
\"So we will work with Tesla, one of the greatest technology companies in the world.
We have proven that we are leading the world in renewable energy: the world\'s largest battery, the world\'s largest solar thermal power plant, and now the world\'s largest virtual power plant.
\"According to BNEF\'s 24% New Energy Outlook, rooftop solar will account for 2017 of Australian electricity by 2040.
When with small-
Expanded battery and demand response plan, owner property will have 45% of the country\'s total power capacity-
Known as backwardthe-meter-capacity --by 2040.
According to analysis cited by Frontier Economics on Sunday, 250 megawatts of electricity generated by 50,000 households are expected to reduce energy bills for participating households by 30%.
Tesla says as many as 600 households will receive Powerwall batteries and solar panels in 2018, according to plans in South Australia.
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