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tesla to create the \'world\'s largest virtual power plant\' in australia with network of 50,000 homes using the firm\'s solar panels and batteries

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-09
The Australian state government announced on Sunday that some 50,000 households in South Australia will receive solar panels and Tesla batteries, a landmark plan designed to turn houses into a huge, interconnected power plant.
South Australia already has the largest battery in the world in Elon Musk.
Power-driven projects for more than 30,000 families.
The state government has been looking for more ways. -
Especially through renewable energy-
After a \"unprecedented\" storm caused a state, to solve the energy problem
Power outage in 2016
Scroll down to watch the video. A new plan was announced on Sunday to provide homes with a free network of solar panels connected to rechargeable batteries and to finance by selling the excess electricity generated by the network, the government said.
In a statement, Premier Jay Weatherill said that my government has delivered the world\'s largest battery and now we will deliver the world\'s largest virtual power plant.
\"We will use residential housing as a way to generate electricity from the South Australian power grid, and participating families can save a lot of money on energy bills and benefit from it.
A trial phase will start with 1,100 public housing, each with a Tesla battery with a 5 KW solar panel system.
After the trial, the system will be installed in another 24,000 public housing properties before the plan is open to other South Australian people in the next four years.
The government will also look for an energy retailer to implement the plan to increase competition in the market.
Launched by the national government through Australia $2 million (US$1. 6 million)
Grants from the taxpayer\'s renewable technology fund and a $30 million loan.
Tesla said in a statement to AFP that the virtual power plant will have 250 MW of solar energy and 650 MW of battery storage time.
At critical moments, the company added, virtual power plants can offer as much capacity as large gas turbines or coal-fired power plants.
Australia is one of the world\'s largest coal and gas producers, but the power outage in South Australia has raised questions about its energy security.
Several aging coal
Thermal power plants have been shut down, while strong demand for natural gas exports and an increase in onshore natural gas drilling bans have exacerbated concerns about domestic energy shortages in the coming years.
According to government data released in 2016, more than 60% of Australia\'s electricity generation comes from coal and 14% from renewable energy.
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