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USA client visits GSL ENERGY for ESS business cooperation in 2018.

March 30, 2018-- Today, IGSS from USA, Mr. Jordan Samuel( CEO), Mr. Don Shewchenko( Director) and Mr. Andrew Wang( Project manager)  visited GSL ENERGY Shenzhen factory for ESS cooperation.

GSL ENERGY introduced present company advanced lifepo4 battery cell production lines, and lifepo4 battery pack workshops, ESS factory advanced production lines to IGSS teams. During meeting, Mr. Jim Deng , CEO of GSL ENERGY introduced GSL ENERGY over 10 years on offering professional one-stop solar and lithium battery solution to overseas clients. “ We are so happy to offer ESS500W and ESS3000W sample for IGSS partner to test in Africa market now. We look forward to more cooperation with IGSS in 2018. “ 

“ Thanks very much for Mr. Jim Deng to arrange a nice factory trip here in China for us “, said by Mr. Jordan Samuel, “ We are so impressed by GSL ENERGY professional solution on ESS business. We at present positively develop African market with our local partners in Nigeria . We will need GSL ENERGY to develop PAY-AS-YOU-GO system and we will need to purchase 30 K sets ESS500W and ESS3000W this year. Of course, we will pay R&D cost to GSL ENERGY engineering team.

After meeting, both two parties signed the NDA memo to develop related ESS project and have a good dinner together happily.