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What is the biggest threat to India\'s e-vehicle dream?

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
India\'s ambitious power company
If the waste battery is not properly handled, the vehicle plan may pose a challenge to the environment.
At present, there are no regulations on battery scrapping of electric vehicles in China.
The automotive industry is moving towards the use of lithium.
Lead-ion battery
Provides faster charging and higher battery life.
\"Lithium is not a product that can be easily handled.
This needs to be dealt with appropriately, \"said r c Bhargava, chairman of Maruti Suzuki.
Suzuki, the parent company of Maruti, is setting up an Rs 11. 51-Billion lithium
Ion battery units of Toshiba and Denso in Gujarat state.
Bhargava said the company\'s electric vehicle plan for the country requires a complete ecosystem, including proper handling of terminalsof-life batteries.
Suzuki teamed up with Toyota to launch electric vehicles in India.
Ashim Sharma, partner and group director (automotive, engineering and logistics), Nomura Institute, India, said
Ion battery recycling is dangerous due to the high reactivity of lithium ion.
\"Appropriate rules and regulations need to be developed according to our temperature and humidity.
\"Improper handling can be dangerous,\" he said . \"
Proper scrapping of the battery will not only mitigate possible environmental problems, but will also be a promoter of local access to chemical elements of the battery (such as lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt and titanium, thereby improving the cost-effectiveness of the supply chain.
Roland Folger, general manager and chief executive, said everyone thought someone would handle the old batteries.
\"Since the electric car project is driven by environmental awareness, my biggest surprise is that not many people are talking about recycling.
\"You can see someone on the side of the road trying to recycle lead-acid batteries with a chisel and a hammer.
\"If the acid in a lead-acid battery leaks into groundwater, it can be highly toxic. One lithium-
\"It is possible that ion batteries can poison the entire body of water in Delhi,\" Folger said . \".
Folger also said the use of electric vehicles during the flood could be dangerous.
\"We have recently had floods in Chennai and Mumbai.
\"Will you sit comfortably on a huge battery when the water level rises? \" he asked ? \".
Experts believe that the old batteries of electric vehicles are likely to be used later.
\"We believe that the life of the battery after use in the vehicle can be repeated for static storage applications in an additional three hours
Five years, thus increasing its life cycle.
Mahesh Babu, CEO of Mahindra Electric, said: \"This is the expectation of the application at the international level, and Mahindra has similar plans . \".
Mahindra is a pioneer in the field of electric vehicles in China.
Babu said the company has a recycling plan for all lithium
Ion batteries for cars.
\"In fact, it is similar to recycling programs for mobile phones and other lithium batteries
Ion application.
\"We have a suitable supplier to recycle these batteries,\" he said . \".
A white paper by the Indian Association of Automobile Manufacturers on electric vehicles proposes measures to encourage recycling.
It said that the minimum requirements for recycling materials in batteries should be specified and manufacturers should be encouraged to develop closed-
Ensure minimum scrap battery cycle mechanism.
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