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by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
A safety official said the main battery under the cockpit of the Boeing 787 was inflated by overheating and the plane was forced to land in Japan in an emergency. Due to the risk of fire, the global aviation regulator, together with the United States and Japan, suspended technically advanced aircraft.
S. officials and Boeing engineers will assist Japan in a 787 survey of all-day air carriers in Japan on Friday, where Cockpit Information shows battery problems, after a burning smell was detected in the cockpit, it landed in the Western cabin of Japan.
Security inspector Hideyo Kosugi said on the Japanese broadcaster NHK that the battery in an electrical room under the cockpit was swollen and leaked electrolyte.
Investigators found burn marks around the battery, although it was not believed to be on fire.
According to Kyodo News, Mr. Kosugi also said that electrolyte liquids leaked out of the plane through the electrical room floor.
The Boeing 787, known as the Dreamliner, is Boeing\'s latest jet, which relies heavily on its success.
The plane has been plagued by a series of problems since more than three years of delay, including battery fires and fuel leaks. GS Yuasa Corp.
Manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries used in the 787 s said it would help investigate, but the cause of the problem is not clear.
\"We still don\'t know if there is a problem with the battery, power or electronic system,\" said Yamamoto kangshi, a spokesman for the company based in Kyoto, Japan.
\"The cause of the problem is not clear,\" he said . \"
Thales, the manufacturer of battery charging systems, has not commented so far.
Air India decided on Thursday to suspend its six Boeing 787 fleet, as ordered by the Indian aviation authorities, and similar decisions were made in Europe and Qatar, this means that almost all 50 Dreamers in use in the world have stopped moving.
Japan Airlines (ANA) has 17 of the 787 passenger planes and seven of Japan Airlines. after an emergency landing, the company voluntarily stopped flights on Wednesday, but the airline authorities have now
In Washington, the Federal Aviation Administration also asked American Airlines to stop flying 787 before the battery proved safe.
United Airlines, which has six jets, is the only American airline to fly this model.
Aviation authorities in other countries usually follow the leadership of the country where the manufacturer is located.
Yasuo Ishii, an official of the Air Safety Division of the Ministry of Transport of Japan, said that before the aircraft safety issue was resolved, Japan Airlines and ANA were instructed not to fly 787.
787 is more dependent than any other modern airliner on electrical signals to power almost everything the plane does.
This is also the first Boeing aircraft to use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in its main electrical system.
The battery charges faster and can be formed into space
The shape is saved compared to other aircraft batteries, allowing the use of lightweight composites instead of aluminum.
Concerns about potential fire risk for lithium ion batteries
Known to be flammable, before the release of 787.
In a report dated May 2011, the FAA outlined various improvements in the control and prevention of fire on board, but also noted that due to the high energy density and power capacity of this battery, electrolyte leaks can make fires more dangerous.
The FAA issued special precautions to install this battery on board 787.
Francis Ciucci professor of mechanical engineering, who studies fuel cells and batteries at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said that lithium-ion batteries can pose safety hazards, but the safety system can minimize the risks, does not add much to the weight or complexity of the aircraft.
Mr. Ciucci said that lithium batteries
It is well known that the ion battery is damaged due to \"poor heat management\", in other words, the temperature rises too much, which may cause the battery to expand.
\"I am very, very surprised because some of these issues, such as heat pipe management and electrical Management, have basically been covered by different companies in different identities,\" he said: \"So I think it might just be a single event or engineering failure. \".
Boeing says it is working with investigators around the clock.
Jim mcnani, Chairman, President and CEO of the company, said in a statement: \"We believe that 787 is safe and we support its overall integrity . \".
Japan\'s Ministry of Transport classified Wednesday\'s problem as a \"serious incident\" that could lead to the accident \".
Japan\'s Foreign Ministry on Monday has begun a separate inspection of a 787 aircraft operated by Japanese airlines that leaked fuel in Tokyo and Boston.
In an accident in January 7, the battery pack of an auxiliary power unit of Air Japan 787 on the Boston tarmac caught fire.
It took firefighters 40 minutes to put out the fire.
Japan\'s 787 aircraft also had computer problems, a slight fuel leak and cracked cockpit windshield this month.
Boeing said there would be various technical problems in the early days of any aircraft model.
Masaharu Hirokane, an analyst at Nomura Securities, said there is still a lot of uncertainty about the problems experienced by 787. in Tokyo.
\"You need to make sure that 100 is safe, and then you also have to make people feel that the plane is 100 safe,\" Mr Hirokane said . \".
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