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Benefits of Electric versus Gas Golf Carts


If you have decided on buying golf carts, you have to determine if you prefer an electric to a gas-powered vehicle. There are advantages to both and possessing knowledge of all the facts about their benefits and drawbacks will assist you in making an educated decision. You have to consider several factors in order to get a machine that will satisfy your needs and not regret in the near future. Let the few factors below help you in making the right decision.

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If you explore today's market, you will find that gas-powered golf carts have become scarce when compared to their electric counterparts. This has directly influenced the vehicle price by making it increase drastically. As a gas golf cart depreciates, it becomes hard to get one in an excellent working condition given the various moving components compared to electric. Expect to pay about 10 to 15% more for a gas golf cart over an electric one.



Gas and electric golf carts perform equivalently on even grounds. But when it comes to climbing hills, electric ones will give more torque effect than gas type provided that it’s a directly driven system. When it comes to acceleration, electric one picks faster and smoother from rest to its topmost speed. Besides, an electric golf cart makes it easier to increase its rate to maximum achievable velocity through the use of a hand-driven programmer. Electric vehicles can travel a distance of more than 20km when having a decent electric golf cart batteries. On the other hand, gasoline can go the same distance or run all day long but with quite higher fuel price.


Cost of operation

In terms of the cost of operation of a gas-powered golf cart, gas prices will definitely hassle you. Most golfers and golf courses have switched to electric vehicles for this reason. Electricity cost compared to gasoline is significantly less. All you need is good electric golf cart batteries that will provide electricity all day long.


Care and maintenance

Both electric and gas golf carts require regular care and maintenance to enhance their optimal operation. Electrics need significantly less care and maintenance because they have few moving components compared to gas-powered ones. Electric golf cart batteries can efficiently serve a private use for as long as 8 to 10 years if properly maintained. Gas golf carts require frequent servicing like changing the spark plugs oils and filters even if it's not limited to. Besides, starter belts, battery and brushes, and drives also need to be changed every 2 to 3 years if you want your cart always to run smoothly. Electric golf cart batteries require to be replaced every 8 to 10 years. The annual maintenance cost of an electric golf cart is relatively cheaper than a gas one.

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In some cases, the noise of a golf cart depends on the brand you buy. Although you can find gas-powered carts which are slightly quiet, electric golf carts are exceptionally silent, clear to run and don’t leak which is good for the environment. Most users appreciate this feature when hunting or getting around the neighborhood without making much noise.


Emissions to the environment

Have you ever seen an electric cart emitting? They do have zero emissions. Most individuals are using electric carts indoors where their counterparts would otherwise not be allowed; gasoline carts produce more pollution if not properly maintained. If your main concern is how your new vehicle will affect the environment, then the perfect choice is an electric one. Although there are various fuel-efficient carts models nowadays, they still require burning some fossil fuel; hence they will again lead to emissions. On the contrary, the electric golf cart batteries perform well against from gas pollution.



Although both golf carts are reliable, the newest electrics generally last longer than gasoline. An electric vehicle has fewer parts than a gas one hence fewer the components to go wrong. With gasoline cart, you have a carb, starter, fuel pump, clutches, valves and belts which wear and tear.



Most individuals who use golf carts should consider using electric ones over gas because they are easy to maintain, operate and service. It's wiser to have a planned budget before deciding which cart to buy or you can afford. Regardless if, you opt for electric or gas cart, always buy from a reputable and trusted dealers.

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