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factbox - batteries blamed in boeing 787 grounding are widely used

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
WASHINGTON (Reuters)-Lithium-
With the Federal Aviation Administration to push Boeing (BA. N)
On Wednesday, the new 787 passenger plane was also used for satellites and the United States. S.
New F-
Joint Strike FighterSmaller-scale lithium-
Ion batteries have been in use for more than 20 years to power laptops and other electronics.
They are also becoming more and more popular in electric vehicles.
Here are some key facts about the battery and lithium used on 787
Ion battery technology makes the battery lighter and stores more energy. -
Boeing\'s new 787 aircraft uses two lithium
Ion batteries produced by GS Yuasa, Japan (6674. T)
Related control circuits manufactured by Thales SA (TCFP. PA).
They are part of the auxiliary power supply unit provided by UTC Aerospace (UTX. N)
, It provides power when the plane is on the ground. -The F-
35 joint strike fighters manufactured by Lockheed Martin (LMT. N)
Using similar lithium-
But it was made by different manufacturers, the Saft group SA S1A in France. PA.
Lockheed said that since the batteries were manufactured by another company, it is not expected to have any impact on the Pentagon\'s largest weapons program. -
Airbus A350 aircraft manufactured by eads ead in Europe.
Lithium will also be used for PA-
Ion batteries made by Saft.
The plane will fly for the first time this year. -
Several other aircraft, including the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787, use smaller lithium batteries for emergency lighting and other purposes. -Lithium-
If the ion batteries are overcharged, they will catch fire and once they are on fire, they will be hard to go out because the chemicals produce oxygen.
But Boeing says it has designed a variety of systems to prevent overcharging and control battery fires and siphon smoke before reaching the cabin. -
Boeing says it uses about twice as many batteries as car batteries on 787, and has conducted extensive tests in labs and operations. The U. S.
The National Transportation Safety Commission said that the auxiliary power unit battery that caught fire at Boston Logan International Airport in January 7 weighed about 63 pounds and measured 19 inch at a speed of 13 inch by 10. 2 inches. -
The Chevrolet Volt hybrid car produced by GM also uses similar batteries (GM. N)
As well as other electric vehicles, satellites, laptops, mobile phones and other electronic products.
The technology was first used by Sony Japan for electronic products. 6758. T)in 1991. -Lithium-
Ion batteries can be lighter, smaller, and hold longer capacity. Lithium-
The ion battery is about half the weight of nickel.
But they are almost twice as energetic as they were. -
Problems with lithium
Ion batteries containing flammable chemicals, if short
Former U. S. senator Daniel Doherty said the circuit would happen if they overcharged or if they were under too much pressureS.
Government researchers and experts on battery safety. -
The battery failure may hatch for a long time before it becomes obvious, says mehhty, who cited a 2011 case in which lithium-
Three weeks later, the ion battery pack in Volt caught fire. S.
Crash tests were conducted by safety regulators.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration later determined that Volt and other electric vehicles would not pose greater fire risks than gasoline.
Power car. -
Another lithium
Ion battery manufacturer A123 Systems was forced to recall battery packs made for the plug of Fisker Automotive
In last year\'s hybrid car, Karma.
A123, who eventually went bankrupt, blamed the battery problem on manufacturing defects. -
PK, a unit of OM Group company OMG
N. also produces lithium-
According to a research report from the Buckingham Research team, ion batteries are currently being certified for business aircraft.
The company quoted executives as saying they could design and certify 787 of the battery in 12 to 15 months. (
Andrea salad reports
The European Space Agency (ESA) is in Washington, D. C. , Tim Hepher Paris, Alwyn Scott is in Seattle and Dr. Dipa Seetharaman is in Detroit)
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