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GSL 10Kwh Wall Mount Batteries Solar Storage System Perfectly Installed in South Africa


Since 2008, South Africa has suffered a severe power crisis, starting a history of rolling blackouts. In 2022, factors such as worker shutdowns and frequent generator set failures have further extended the power outages, with some residents and businesses experiencing power outages for more than 9 hours a day. Therefore, more and more families choose to install solar storage systems to solve the problem of electricity shortage. 

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Mr. Sean has focused on the other industry these years, under this current situation, he has some interests in expanding business into the home solar energy storage industry. Consequently, he purchased 2 pcs of 51.2V/100AH/5.12KWH GSL powerwall lifepo4 lithium-ion batteries and 1 pcs of 5KVA solar hybrid inverter to test the product quality and stability.


This week, we will introduce GSL full set of hybrid system installed by Mr. Sean in South Africa.

They installed 1 pcs of 5kva hybrid inverters and 2 pcs of GSL 5.12 KWH powerwall lifepo4 batteries to complete the full set of hybrid solar storage system in his uncle’s house. Now the solar storage system running very well. His uncle is very happy to install this system. It provides a lot of convenience for their home electricity.


After the installation and testing this time, the system works perfectly. Mr. Sean gave a favorable comment to GSL ENERGY, “I have one of GSL 5KW inverter and 2 units of 5KW batteries linked to 12 pcs of solar panels for on/off grid use. This is working perfectly!” Now, Mr. Sean has more confidence in expanding his business into the energy storage industry in South Africa.

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