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GSL ENERGY Germany 16kva 40KWH Hybrid On-Off Grid Inverter Power Storage Wall Mounted Lifepo4 Battery System


GSL ENERGY has recently supplied a complete set of solar energy storage system in Germany, offering a system with 40kwh LiFePO4 lithium batteries and 16kva smart hybrid inverters.


This project will highlight the successful implementation of GSL ENERGY’s smart solar energy storage system program. In addition, the project will also highlight new developments and opportunities in the home residential Storage business, utilizing new technology of lithium battery with LiFePo4 materials, adding rechargeable storage batteries in the solar system. This system consists of 4 units of GSL Energy 10kwh LFP power storage wall batteries, 2 units of 8Kva GSL Energy smart Hybrid on/off grid solar inverters and high efficiency mono solar PV panels with the growth of the energy storage industry, new opportunities for independent power production and storage are more accessible than ever. Solar storage systems have the ability to generate electricity, allowing critical systems to operate and send the extra electricity back to the grid. If it’s used together with smart hybrid inverter, the system can control autonomously and thus meet the needs of the end-user who owns and controls them. The GSL Energy inverters can immediately disconnect from the grid when it fails, and direct the distributed generation to power local electrical loads.

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Mr. Peter contacted GSL ENERGY about his electricity demand of installing a solar energy storage system in order to build a personal power plant. “GSL’s lithium batteries, which is composed by the best-quality CATL cells, has a good performance on the lifespan and safety. It can storage the extra solar energy during day time. Customers can discharge batteries at night when there is no grid electricity.” Said by Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY.


We are so glad to cooperate with Mr. Peter. And thanks him for sharing feedback and installation picture with us.”, said by Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY. “We have a lot of clients who come and buy batteries for their home solar storage system. And we have rich experience in the residential solar system.”


With the help and guidance of GSL Energy engineer, Mr. Peter finally installed his 40kwh ESS from GSL ENERGY. And the system is working perfectly now. “We really appreciate Mr. Jim. CEO of GSL ENERGY. His service is professional and considerate. We are extremely happy with the decision to choose GSL ENERGY and love the reduction of footprint, as well as the dramatically lengthened warranty and life expectancy.”, said by Mr. Peter.

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