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GSL ENERGY offered OEM 125kwh power storage wall 48V 100AH lifepo4 battery to Nigerian clients on solar energy storage system


Today, GSL ENERGY successfully exported 25 units 5kwh GSL5000U power storage wall lifepo4 battery to Nigerian clients.

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“ Thanks for Ms Kelsey to take me to visit GSL factory and see testing of GSL ENERGY power storage wall,” said by Mr. Mohamed, CEO of Nigerian solar company, “after seeing testing, we are confident that we can sell gsl energy power storage wall more than we expected. It is a really amazing products I have seen so far. Our country is still coming across many electricity cut off situations each week, so every family has to use traditional diesel generators for backup power supply. They are expensive and not environment-friendly,too. Now we can have easy-to-install GSL ENERGY power storage wall 5kwh lifepo4 battery with warranty 10 years, we can promote it heavily and guide more clients to use solar energy plus lithium battery storage system together. “

“Nice to know Mr. Mohamed,”said by Ms, Kelsey su, sales manager of GSL ENERGY power storage wall energy dept, “ right now, our delivery time is very fast now for 25-50 pcs . We can make it in 5-10 days if we have enough raw materials now. Our core technology is our strong and powerful BMS can support 120A charge and discharge. This can meet 90% present off grid solar inverters in the world in fact. We can offer related battery cables and terminals to clients too. So clients just need to plug and play only, very easy to install. “

GSL ENERGY power storage wall smart BMS not only supports 14 pcs connected in parallel way, but also can meet 1C-100A charge and discharge to meet all 48vdc 5-6kva solar off grid inverter brands in the world, too.

GSL ENERGY will offer 120 months ( 10 years ) warranty under the condition of 80% DOD.


GSL power storage wall lithium battery (LFP-lithium iron phosphate) is a kind of new environmental-friendly backup power system product. It is made of cathode materials, battery cell and BMS (battery management system) and processed by GSL's self-developed core technologies.

GSL power storage wall is the latest HESS battery system. It features high energy and power density, and of course a long lifespan. Its easiness of installation and expansion reflect the real requirements of the end users and strong technical capability of GSL. So far, it has served over 5000 families.

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