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The Associated Press published: December 2, 2014 14:16 EDT | update: December 2, 2014 14:16 EDT rechargeable lithium-
From laptops to mobile phones, ion batteries are everywhere in consumer goods.
If damaged, defective, or improperly packaged, they may overheat, cause fire and explosion, and make them a concern for shipment on the plane.
Some of the dozens of fire and smoke incidents involving lithium batteries in aviation :-
April 2014: a Boeing 737 from Fiji Airlines is preparing to take off from Melbourne, Australia.
The plane was evacuated and the goods were unloaded.
The source of the fire turned out to be lithium-
The ion battery in the passenger\'s checked baggage.
19 batteries were not damaged, but 6 to 8 Batteries were consumed in the fire. —
July 2011: A Asiana Airlines Boeing 747 cargo plane carrying electronic products and lithium
After the crew reported a fire on the ship, the ion car battery hit the South Korean Strait.
The plane lost contact 18 minutes later.
Both pilots are dead. —
September 2010: a combined package service with more than 747 lithium and lithium 80,000 cargo machines
Ion batteries from Hong Kong caught fire and crashed near Dubai, UAE.
Two pilots of the plane were killed, and it was reported that smoke billowed in the cockpit and they could not see the instrument.
The plane crashed into an empty dining hall, which was packed a while ago. —
February 2006: a ups freighter barely arrived in Philadelphia after a fire broke out in the cargo area.
The pilot ran away in a few seconds.
The lithium battery is in the cargo position where the smoke alarm first rings. —
August 2004: A batch of lithium
Ion batteries caught fire when they were loaded on a FedEx plane in Memphis, Tennessee.
The shipment had just arrived from Los Angeles and was being transferred to a second plane to Paris when the fire was discovered. —
April 1999: A fire broke out at an airline cargo facility at Los Angeles International Airport and a batch of lithium metal batteries caught fire.
At the time of unloading, the battery tray was rolled to its side and placed in that position for more than three hours, damaging some of the batteries.
Source: government and news reports.
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