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Made in India Lithium-Ion batteries soon: Geete

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-11
India will soon be able to produce lithium.
Ion batteries will not rely on the key components used in China\'s import of electric vehicles, as the government will promote e-commerce as a \"top priority\"
Union Minister Anant Geete said today.
The minister said the government has taken steps to start production of lithium-
Ion batteries in India
\"At present, the world needs to import lithium-ion batteries from China, Rs 50
60 lakh is only the cost of the battery (bus.
If the cost of the battery is reduced, the total cost of the electric car will become affordable, and commuters will also have to pay less, \"Geete told reporters on the gap between Goldstone\'s launch of the electric bus. BYD.
He also said: \"My department has already made efforts in this area and soon we can produce lithium.
Ion batteries in India
The minister launched Goldstone-
BYD\'s \"ebuzz k6\" electric bus is the first electric bus made in India to be exported to Nepal.
A group led by Cabinet Secretary P. K. Sinha suggested commercial use of lithium from ISRO
According to official sources, the ion battery technology under the \"Made in India\" initiative of electric vehicles.
In addition, the minister said that under the fame ii plan, a \"good policy\" is being developed to increase electricity mobility in the country.
Given the increasing pollution problems, it is necessary to move from gasoline and diesel to electric vehicles, he said.
The minister said the government has made it a top priority to turn public transportation into electric transportation under the second name.
In response to an earlier inquiry about the expression of interest in electric buses (EoI), Geete said, \"We received EoIs from 10 states, about 400 buses
However, it is a reality that Delhi does not accept, so we are unable to assign electric buses to Delhi.
\"The demand must come from the state government, according to the minister, and the center can only provide incentives.
\"Therefore, this initiative must come from the country,\" Geete said . \".
On last December, the Ministry of Heavy Industry approved the purchase of electric buses, electric taxis and electric taxis of RS 440 from 11 states
The car is a pilot project in India\'s public transport program.
Vishvajit Sahay, co-secretary of the heavy industry department, said the government expects Chinese electric vehicle giant BYD to add value in India so it is eligible for government rewards. BYD has a tie-
Working with Goldstone Infratech in the country.
The executive director of BYD Zyang Jie, who elaborated on the company\'s plans in India, said: \"We will introduce and adopt the latest technology (electric mobility) to India ), produce and export products overseas in India.
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