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No plans for electric vehicles in Malaysia, says Perodua

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Tokyo: Perusahaan otomobile Kedua Sdn Bhd (Perodua) has no plans to launch an electric vehicle (EV), although Daihatsu Motor Company released a concept car at the Tokyo Auto Show 2017 on Wednesday, but in the near future, Malaysia.
Daihatsu holds a 20% stake in Perodua and a 51% stake in Perodua AutoCorp Sdn Bhd, its manufacturing arm.
Perodua auto deputy told reporters at 2017 Tokyo auto show
President Zainal Abidin said Malaysia does not have enough infrastructure to produce electric vehicles.
\"Hybrid and electric vehicles require the country to have sufficient infrastructure in terms of charging facilities and lithium-ion battery series that are not fully operational at this time,\" he said . \".
Zainal noted that if the company believes there is sufficient infrastructure to support vehicles, research will be conducted on the impact of electric vehicle production and its market demand in the country.
\"Electric vehicles are a completely different power system.
We haven\'t done any research yet.
\"We haven\'t figured out what we want to do for future generations,\" he said . \".
Zainal said Perodua Auto will continue to improve the efficiency of its internal combustion engine by improving its technology.
Manufacturers are currently working on ways to increase fuel consumption for their engines.
\"I would rather focus on bread and butter, which is an energy-efficient internal combustion engine that maximizes fuel consumption efficiency by enhancing technology,\" Zainal said . \".
First Energy company Bezza-
Efficient vehicles, up to 22.
The manual transmission is 8 km per liter of gasoline, and the automatic transmission can travel up to 21. 3kmper litre.
Datuk MadaniSahari, CEO of the Malaysian Automotive Research Institute, said that for the country to produce electric vehicles, it is important to have the technology to produce lithium-ion batteries because the component accounts for 40% of the cost.
He said the cost-competitive power of lithium-ion batteries is crucial for the production of electric vehicles.
Currently, the country\'s automotive industry is moving towards the commercial direction of lithium-ion batteries and is expected to start in 2018.
Another key infrastructure needed to produce electric vehicles in the country is charging stations.
The government aims to install 100,000 electric vehicles on Malaysian roads by 2020.
Madani expects the price of Malaysian electric vehicles to mature in the next 10 years.
\"When the business plans of national automakers are productive in terms of cost-competitive and there are a wide range of charging stations, they will start producing electric vehicles,\" he said . \".
\"This is the case of chickens and eggs --
The government is taking the initiative to take two measures
So we can roll out electric vehicles (prongedstrategy) (producing lithium-ion batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles ).
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