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PICS: Raising the heat at Auto Expo 2018

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
Honda pavilion is the first time we saw a beautiful model at the Auto Expo.
Meet Monique from Brazil and Rima from Ukraine.
This is Monique\'s first visit to India and she likes all the attention.
This is the second visit to Rimma.
During a series of launches on the first day, Monique asked for our camera and then we saw the bike she was standing.
The new Honda PCX electric scooter.
The new Honda PCX, an electric version of the Honda PCX 150, is equipped with a high-output motor independently developed by Honda.
This electric scooter also comes with removable lithium
The company calls it the ion Battery of the Honda mobile battery pack: a replaceable battery that reduces the charging time of the owner of the bike.
Honda has actually taken PCX electric to India just to show the switchable Honda Mobile Power Pack technology, but I don\'t think it will launch here soon.
Rimma added her glam merchant to the new Honda CBR1000 RR Fireblade 2018 edition.
The bike is lighter (195 kg) in weight, more powerful, has amazing performance and has a new gyro ABS.
There are 9-
The RR Fireblade 2018 is equipped with advanced electronics and has won a new Grand Prix red.
The CBR1000RR Fireblade SP is Honda\'s first-ever semi-equippedactive(S-
Battery and lithium ion battery.
Honda African twins were listed in India a few months ago.
This adventure bike was so well received in India that the first 50 motorcycles were sold out in the first week!
Here is another look that it does not have glam.
What you see here is a trip to the golden wing of Honda.
The bike was recently launched in India at a price of Rs 28. 49 lakh, ex-
Showroom, cheap version of DelhiA Yellow Gold Wing, standard Yellow Gold Wing, priced at Rs 26. 85 lakh.
Huge yellow gold wing from 125 HP 1833cc 6-
Cylinders, more powerful than some of the cars on our way :) keep moving forward from Honda, Suzuki pavilion has a mix of Indian and foreign models and we\'re not just talking about bikes here :).
They showed 17 products, from city scooters to race tracks.
We saw Delhi.
Ite of Suzuki RM-
Z 250 motorcycle
This model is closed.
The course competition is for use only.
The 2018 version is equipped with the new contest inspired body panel color, graphics and seat color.
NTORQ 125 is a TV car company that provides scooters for Indian roads and is a stealth aircraft. Inspired design.
It has a Bluetooth-connected speedometer that displays your incoming calls and SMS alerts, automatic SMS replies and 30 new hosts for the first feature.
The bike launched 62,825 rupees on Indian roads.
Apache, one of the TV\'s iconic models, is also shown in its new TV Apache RTR 200 FI ethanol version.
With the introduction of ethanol-powered vehicles by the Indian government, the TV car company showed the Apache RTR 200 4 v fi for ethanol-powered TV.
Compared to the traditional version, the bike remains visually the same, but gains the ethanol brand on the tank.
Since the ethanol version is still in the production phase, here is the Apache RTR 160 Hyper Edge, which is a modified version of Apache RTR 160.
It is launched in India with the same technical specifications as Apache and can be used for Rs 78,302 ex-
Exhibition Hall Mumbai
TV also showed its electric version at the expo.
An impressive Creed-
The name means \"prince\" in Greek.
It has the appearance of an advanced scooter and is the first step for the TV in the field of electric scooters.
The first thing that will attract your attention is the movement and fashion styling of Creon, with stylish LED lights and dynamic LED lights on the apron.
Take a closer look and you\'ll notice details such as TFT screens and aluminum perimeter frames.
The charging points near the fuel tank cover and diamond-cut alloy wheels make Creon a specialty.
The power supply for Creon is a 12 KW electric motor, which is enough to take it from 0-60kmph in 5. 1 seconds.
It also offers a quick charging option to charge the battery\'s 80 in about an hour.
The TV already on the Indian Highway, Zest 110, is priced at Rs 50,000.
Television also showed off its first-ever Cruiser concept at the 2018 Auto Expo, called the Zeppelin.
An original and strong 220 cc concept, if it is really put into production, it is easy to bring intense competition to all the other 220cc cruisers on the Indian Road.
The TV says the bike will get an integrated start-up generator (ISG) that will help the bike start up quickly and give it a lift.
The bike is also equipped with a 1,200 watt regenerative auxiliary motor with 48 V Li-
Ion batteries, increased torque by 20 when needed, thus improving the overall performance of the bike.
* Show in a full
Black turned long.
I think it\'s hard to accept whether it\'s a bike or a model that comes with it.
* Aftec Motors is a motorcycle company that I have never seen before, showing some impressive commuter and performance bikes at their booth.
What is seen here is the Aftec Turbo, powered by a 17cc engine.
The company says it produces 14.
2 PS power at 9000 rpm and 13.
The torque at 7500 rpm is 5 nm.
The motorcycle also comes with LED taillights and turn lights.
The Aftek Zontes r2 50 is the company\'s flagship 250 cc motorcycle. This has a 6-speed gearbox.
This is also treated with LED on the front and back, and it gets a cluster of digital meters.
According to the company, the Zontes r2 50 can reach a maximum speed of 145 km/h.
They did not give details of the price or when the motorcycle was available.
But they do say the company is showing off its products.
There\'s a ready lineup here.
* Kawasaki shows the Vulcan S tuk cc motorcycle that the company launched earlier for Rs 5. 44 lakh (ex-
Delhi showroom ).
2017 Fire God S shares with 649cc 4-stroke, 2-
Cylinder, DOHC, liquid-
Cool engine 1 seen on Ninja 650.
* The Last motorcycle we just need to show you is UM Renegade Thor.
The electric cruiser made its debut at Milan\'s 2017 EICMA show.
The current price of an electric cruiser is Rs 9. 9 lakh (ex-
New Delhi showroom) for CBU units with a battery range of 270 km.
However, UM said the company will soon bring a local-made traitor Thor at a price of Rs 4.
Lakh with 9 ranges of 71 km (ex-
Exhibition Hall in New Delhi ).
Reservations are scheduled to open in April.
But delivery will start in 2020 :) UM has also launched three new motorcycles: Duty S, Duty Ace, and Renegade Sport S Vegas.
* Car Expo 2018 is more than just a bike.
The three-wheeled motorcycle also gained its charm.
Lohia car battery-operated three-
Wheeler comfort E car.
The company has priced the Comfort E Auto HS at Rs 1. 49 lakh (ex-
The showroom in Delhi) will have a Li-
The ion battery has a range of 30 km kilometers per hour and a range of 80 km kilometers.
The future is colorful, they say.
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