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Policy paper sounds warning on battery waste

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Mumbai: A recent state government policy document warned that the disposal of a large number of lithium-ion batteries could be dangerous, in the context of a new proposal proposed by the Prime Minister\'s Office (PMO, the proposal provides incentives to facilitate the manufacture of local batteries and electric vehicle parts.
Prepared by the government of mahalashtra, as part of the Maharashtra urban mobility policy, the newspaper warned that if a comprehensive plan to collect and dispose of batteries is not in place, disposal of dead batteries will release a \"monster \".
\"While the state has drafted a very progressive MUMP, in Maharashtra, the electrified vehicle could actually release a monster with a dead battery, the newspaper said the report will be released soon by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.
Meanwhile, PMO announced 500
Promote the crore incentive program for electric vehicles, as well as local manufacturing of lithium
Ion batteries will be the driving force for electric vehicles (EVs.
Aware of the potential of India to drive electric vehicles, several leading commercial companies have begun to build factories to produce lithium
Buy Lithium batteries outside India.
Local battery manufacturing is seen as an important aspect of the government\'s efforts to reduce the cost of electric vehicles.
\"While MUMP in Maharashtra aims to reduce congestion levels and carbon footprint, a senior official said:\" There is only a way to collect and process lithium-ion batteries, the fundamentals of sustainable electric vehicles can be ingrained in the new ecosystem. \".
\"We are keen to remember this.
\"MUMP\'s goal is to bring in 65,000 electric buses and about 10,000 km non-electric buses.
By 2030, the mobile traffic network.
Its goal is to reduce each
Per capita transport emissions of 33%.
In addition, the Maharashtra electric vehicle policy, which was released in February, specifically provides for support for the construction of electric bus stations, including the manufacturer\'s subsidized electricity price and 25% capital subsidies for the top 250 stations, officials said.
The policy envisages the completion of the full switching of the national transportation system by 2030.
It estimates that it will invest about Rs 25 and create five jobs.
The United Power Department has announced charging electric vehicle batteries as a \"service\" that allows the power station to operate without a license.
As these stations do not carry out activities related to the transmission, distribution or trading of electricity, no license is required under the Electricity Act 2003, the ministry said.
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