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Porous carbon composites for next generation rechargeable lithium batteries

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Rechargeable lithium batteries have received great attention as the next generation power system for electric vehicles (EVs.
Lithium-ion battery-
Sulfur batteries and lithium-
Oxygen cells are suitable as the power system of next generation electric vehicles, but their power density and cycle performance still need to be improved to meet the requirements of actual electric vehicles.
Therefore, reasonable design and Controllable synthesis of electrode materials with unique microstructure and excellent electrical properties are crucial. Porous carbon-
Base composites have many advantages in energy storage and conversion due to their unique properties, including high electronic conductivity, high structural stability, high specific surface area, large pore volume of high-efficiency electrolyte flux, as well as highly active electrode materials with controllable size limited by porous carbon frames.
Therefore, porous carbon composites exhibit excellent performance as electrode materials for lithium ion batteries
Sulfur batteries and lithium-
Oxygen batteries.
In this review, we summarize the research progress of porous carbon composites that enhance the performance of rechargeable lithium batteries.
We present the detailed synthesis, physical and chemical properties and innovation and significance of porous carbon composites for lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries
Sulfur batteries and lithium-
Oxygen batteries.
Finally, we summarize the prospects and key challenges that need to be solved for the commercial use of rechargeable lithium batteries.
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