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GSL ENERGY successfully developed the Second Generaton Power Storage Wall lifepo4 battery


Today, GSL ENERGY successfully developed second version of POWER STORAGE WALL lifepo4 battery from 5kwh, 7kwh to 10kwh. 
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The new version of power storage wall is using latest technology on BMS with protection of advanced over-charge and over-discharge, over current, big LCD screen to let client to see all battery state details very conveniently. 

“ We are so proud of our hard-working engineer teams, they are smart and very working hard.” Said by Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY, “ our team collected all feedback from overseas client testing result and specially developed this heavy-duty BMS for 2ndpowerwall lifepo4 battery system. It can match all off grid solar inverter 48vdc in the world and for hybrid on-off grid inverter, we can match LXP ( LUX POWER) and Deye Hybrid Inverters, for other brand like Solarx, Goodwe, KEHUA, EAST, INVT, SOFAR SOLAR, we can meet its matching communication next month. 

To let end client to use GSL ENERGY powerwall with happiness and satisfaction, GSL ENERGY will offer ten years warranty on full power storage wall lifepo4 battery system. 

 “We are looking forward to more overseas solar installation company partners joining us and promote our powerwall products, it is really very fast and convenient to install them with related solar inverters. Just do plug-and-play easy job. No need to other things” Mr. David GUO, GSL ENERGY senior engineer of POWER STORAGE WALL system. 

Right now, over 50 countries client are booking GSL ENERGY powerwall products and using them very greatly already. 

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