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tesla pulls plug on home depot solar sales four months after national kickoff

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-09
The blockbuster message in Elon Musk\'s email to Tesla employees on Tuesday is that as the company tightens its fiscal belt while pursuing an increase in Model 3 sedan production, 9% of its employees will be
But the CEO has several equally important messages in the letter posted on Twitter: The company is setting up a new partnership with Home Depot to increase Telsa\'s electricity sales
Through the recent acquisition of Solar City\'s energy collection and storage products.
To not update the area-
After a sales deal with Home Depot, Musk terminated a plan that began in February to relocate SolarCity solar sales to 800 of Home Depot\'s 2,200 locations
A spokesman for Home Depot told USA Today that the company plans to continue offering Tesla\'s products in its stores and a range of other companies\' solar products by the end of the year.
Musk said the reason for the deal was \"our efforts are focused on selling solar power both at Tesla stores and online.
\"The CEO\'s email points out that most of the employees of these kiosks will have the opportunity to work in Teslastores, where the company sells Powerwall electric-
Storage equipment and its solar panels and solar tiles.
A few months ago, when the Dabao partnership was announced, it seemed to be a quick way to bring Musk\'s latest business vision to the public: collecting solar energy on the roof and storing it in Powerwall, home and electric cars are also provided.
Tesla\'s Powerwall costs about $6,000, while its innovative glass solar-panel tiles —
Much more expensive than a traditional roof
Installed solar panels
It\'s only now that we\'re on the roof.
Perhaps more than just a statement about Tesla\'s sales of solar power at Home Depot stores, the planned changes reflect the company\'s growing focus on its key businesses --
Class electric car, Model 3.
\"Just like fewer employees, withdrawing from Home Depot is another sign of Elon\'s focus on Tesla --or-
\"Death mission, continuous mass production of Model 3 s,\" said Carl Brewer, executive publisher of automated transactions and Kelly\'s Blue Book . \".
He said: \"This concern may come from the pressure of the board or from Elon himself, but in any case, it is critical if Tesla wants to maintain a viable participant in the personal transportation industry.
While the collaborative opportunity for SolarCity deals has attracted Tesla\'s fans, some analysts are critical of Musk\'s plate adding another business challenge, which already includes the Flying SpaceX rocket
SolarCity\'s CEO is Musk\'s cousin, Linden Ryf, who also made a lot of money at the time of 2016 acquisitions.
Musk is already one of SolarCity\'s biggest shareholders. Tesla paid $2.
6 billion absorb solar, its panel manufacturing plant in New York.
Tesla\'s rapidly rising Gigabit plant in Nevada is busy producing batteries for Tesla cars and their Powerwall and Powerpack storage units.
Musk recently announced at the company\'s annual general meeting that it will build a second Gigabit plant near Shanghai, although the details of the project are still very small.
Follow the Twitter of Marco Dela Cavin, a tech writer in USA Today.
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