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tesla\'s gigafactory is go! elon musk\'s megafactory in the nevada desert begins battery production

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-09
Tesla\'s record-breaking start to mass-produce batteries for the company\'s cars and energy products.
The plant, which will become the world\'s largest building upon completion, is a key part of Elon Musk\'s vision to transform the energy industry.
Today, Tesla and Panasonic began mass production of lithium at Geely\'s plant.
Tesla said the battery will be used for Tesla\'s energy storage products and Model 3.
The rolling down viewing video factory will initially produce a high-performance cylindrical \"2170 cell\" designed and manufactured jointly by Tesla and Panasonic, provide the best performance with the best form factor at the lowest production cost including electric vehicles and energy products.
The production test of the battery started in December, and today, the battery that will be used for Tesla\'s Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2 energy products begins production.
Tesl\'s battery, as expected, the Type 3 battery will produce 35 GWh/year of lithium by the second quarter and 2018-
Tesla revealed that the output of ion batteries is almost the same as the total output of other batteries in the world.
Tesla broke ground in 2014 for its gigabit plant and will produce the company\'s own lithium-
Ion batteries to reduce costs.
Gigafactory is being built in stages so that Tesla, Panasonic and other partners can start manufacturing in the finished area immediately and continue to expand thereafter.
At present, the floor area of the structure has reached 1.
9 m square feet with 4 houses.
There are 9 million square feet of operating space on several floors.
Tesla said that we have completed less than 30%. once we have completed, we expect Geely factory to become the largest building in the world.
With the increase of Gigafactory online and production, due to the increase in automation and process design to increase production and reduce capital investment per Wh production, our battery cost will be significantly reduced, position most manufacturing processes under one roof for simple optimization and economies of scale.
\"By reducing battery costs, we can get more and more people access to our products, allowing us to have the greatest impact on the world\'s transition to sustainable energy.
Tesla also said it would bring thousands of jobs to the United States.
Just 2017, Tesla and Panasonic will employ thousands of local employees. during the peak production period, Geely factory will directly employ 6,500 people and indirectly create 20,000 to 30,000 jobs in the surrounding areas.
Recent drone footage shows the electric car maker has more than doubled its size by adding two.
4 million square feet from campus.
The north end of this huge building seems to have been completed, accounting for about 4.
The overall 5 million square feet structure of 10 million square feet will be completed in 2020.
According to Engadget, digital content creator and aerial videographer Matthew Roberts shot the latest footage of the plant using the DJI Phantom 3 drone in 4 k.
Electric car manufacturers have set a target of 10 million square feet for the completed campus, but due to the multi-storey building, it may eventually be completed with an area of 15 million square feet.
This huge building, though far from complete, stands out in the dusty, barren landscape of Spark, Nevada.
The company expects it to reduce every kilowatt hour (kWh)
The cost of their battery pack is over 30%.
According to Tesla\'s green theme, the plant will also be powered by renewable resources with the goal of achieving net zero energy, Tesla said.
CEO Elon Musk said the plant could easily hire 10,000 employees in the next three to four years.
The name comes from the plant\'s planned annual battery production capacity of 35 giva-hours (GWh).
\"Giga\" is a unit of measure representing \"billionaires.
A GWh is equivalent to Generation (or consuming)
1 billion watts an hour-
It is 1 KW times that of 1 million.
Musk revealed that the Geely plant is now producing battery packs, but has not yet made batteries in it.
The huge project is part of the billionaire\'s efforts to reduce the cost of electric vehicles and make home battery packs to provide cheaper power. The 13-year-
The old electric car company has never been full-
Annual profit, hoping to transition from a niche manufacturer of luxury cars to a complete
Affordable Car, pickup, and even half-line manufacturerstrucks.
However, a major reason for the new facility is that Tesla\'s fourth electric vehicle, the Model 3 sedan, needs batteries and will is expected to land on the market next year, starting at about $35,000.
While it seems like a huge price tag for some, it\'s the cheapest model for the company, due to a reduction in battery costs.
Tesla is looking to increase its global manufacturing capacity to 500,000 in 2018 from 80,000 this year.
Tesla\'s current cars, Model S cars and Model x suv batteries are all made in Japan.
To get the money to build a billion-dollar Geely car, the automaker has partnered with Panasonic, which invests $1.
6 billion investment projects.
The money is used to seal wet equipment.
Control room for making batteries.
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