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10Kw Hybrid Inverter With 20Kwh Energy Storage in Puerto Rico


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Looking great and neat! Our client from Puerto Rico gladly shard with us one of their current installed project to us.


8kw of Sol Ark hybrid inverter with two units of GSL 10kwh powerwall batteries which able to deliver 8kw power as requested, with about 9kw PV input. Apart from the 15kwh consumption by day, the excessive energy would go to the two batteries and use it at night, therefore to minimize the electric bill to maximum extent.


Our BMS is perfectly compatible with Inverter Sol Ark (An American inverter) of course, literally just “plug and play”. The client was quite happy with the quick installation process and performance of the batteries.


Apart from many of the similar systems, our client also managed to get our batteries worked with Inverters like Schneider, SMA, Victron and so on. Recently, they are trying to set up a system with 60kwh storage battery that able to deliver about 50KW for a bigger family with bigger ACs. Let’s stay tuned!


Many thanks to our client Mr. Edgar and his amazing team, it’s been very pleasure to work with them!

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