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Does Rechargeable Battery Last Longer and Cost-effective?


Rechargeable batteries have been a growth over the past few decades, with many products being powered by rechargeable batteries - phones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, and electronic devices. Today the number of motor vehicle being powered by battery which can be recharged for many times is increasing. Not knowing which between a rechargeable and disposable battery will work better for you can be frustrating. Today a lot more efficient batteries such as lithium-ion batteries are giving competition to other alkaline AA, AAA, C and D batteries. Choosing the right battery should not be a tough decision to make when you take these factors into consideration.

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Price of Battery

Compared to the non-rechargeable battery, the rechargeable batteries are usually expensive when buying them initially. The higher price tag on the rechargeable battery is because after the purchase of battery can be charged many times, unlike non-rechargeable battery which are used only one time. This makes rechargeable batteries more cost-effective, giving you more hours of use. Most consumer electronics manufacturer uses lithium-ion batteries on electronics because of their efficiency. 

Life of the Battery

Initially, disposable batteries can last longer, compare to battery that can be recharged. The only reason disposable batteries last significantly longer than the rechargeable ones is the initial charge that comes with when new. Once the charge in the disposable batteries is drained they cannot be recharged thus you will need to dig into your pocket to get another set of batteries. With rechargeable batteries you don't need to go back to the store to get a new one, you simply plug in your charger and recharge it and reuse it over and over again making them cost-effective. 

So, are rechargeable batteries the best choice? To answer this, you first need to understand how the battery is going to be used. Although the rechargeable batteries are favored they are some cases where the where disposable prove their usefulness. Choosing between the disposable and rechargeable battery depends solely on the application. A case in point where non-rechargeable battery makes sense to use is in low-drain products like remote controls, and smoke detectors that can use the alkaline battery. For high-drain products such as electronics that use a lot of energy. Portable electronic devices commonly use the Lithium-ion rechargeable battery because of they will last longer, with proper care they can last for a couple of years without the need of you going to the store to purchase new ones every time you drain them makes them more cost-effective. 

Rechargeable battery does make sense as a more cost-effective choice if you use moderate or high current devices will save you a lot of money. Kid’s electronic toys, gaming controllers, and digital cameras are good examples of moderate power drain devices which are considered as cost-effective devices.


Using Rechargeable Batteries

To prolong the life of your rechargeable battery, you should hold a charge for 500 and 800 charge cycles by investing in a good charger. Do not overcharge your batteries and remove them immediately as they show they are fully charged. Advance in technology today has seen the development of smart charges that will shut down as soon as they detect the battery is fully charged. Because batteries need time to recharge back to full charge always keep spares at hand to swap between as you wait for the drained one to recharge. Recycling your rechargeable batteries is always recommended instead of throwing them out, because they can no longer hold a charge. 

Although rechargeable batteries reduce water and are environmentally friendly, we all want to save money and that is why you should not rush to replace your non-rechargeable battery. For example, replace the batteries of low-drain devices such as smoke detectors, wireless keyboard & mouse, and wall clocks. The cost of disposable batteries is set at 8 dollars, which can power your remote or mouse for more than 12 months, replacing them with rechargeable batteries might cost you up to 15 dollars with an additional 40 dollars for a good charger, which does not make sense considering that you will need to recharge them more often. The most important thing when it comes to choosing a battery knows its intended application.

If you want to know more information about rechargeable batteries, you can find in the our official website.

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