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GSL ENERGY offers 16 sets ESS2080 solar smart home energy storage system solution to Jamaica client


After three weeks fast factory-direct manufacturing, GSL ENERGY successfully offers 16sets ESS2080 20KWH POWERWALL 8KVA HYBRID INVERTER solar home energy storage system one stop solution.
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news-GSL ENERGY offers 16 sets ESS2080 solar smart home energy storage system solution to Jamaica cl

“I am so impressed by Ms. Janice Ma, sales director who offers me 16 sets ESS2080 solution in 5 minutes. “ said by Mr. Trevor, CEO of Jamaica solar company, “ In fact, I just want to buy a sample for testing at first, but after skype video meeting with Janice Ma, I finally placed order of 16 sets ESS2080 solutions in a 40ft container loading for fast shipping to my destination port. Janice Ma shows her professional solar ESS solution when I talk to her. Of course, I also contact Meritsun, YIY, etc, but GSL ENERGY is the most professional factory who can supply me one stop solution to save my time and money. After deep talking to GSL ENERGY, we would like to be distributor of GSL ENERGY powerwall products series in Jamaica after this container samples order. "

“ It is my great pressure to meet Mr. Trevor ,too,” said by Ms Janice Ma, sales director of GSL ENERGY ESS dept, “ GSL ENERGY has been in solar on grid and off grid system one stop solution since 2006. According to so many years experience in overseas green energy market, GSL ENERGY engineer team found that clients always love to install household solar system by themselves to save money and time , so they request the full system should be easy to install and use. At present, GSL ENERGY will offer all related components user manual and connection diagram like IKEA user manual to guide end clients on how to install related solar rooftop system in their homes. This is really helping a lot of clients save time and money because they need to pay expensive solar installation company. DIY will be more and more popular now. We will always make each component for just plugging and playing jobs only. We will look forward to more cooperation with Mr. Trevor in the future.”

GSL ENERGY ESS 2080 is the most famous and popular system in present Caribbean countries because 18pcs 400WH mono high efficient solar panels can generate 28-35 kwh each day, when charging 20kwh powerwall in 2-3 hours, left energy will be sold to grid net or home loading use to reduce electricity bill. 20kwh powerwall can supply enough for a common family use , 7.6kva split phase UL approved hybrid inverter can also give strong output to common family loading each day.

Meanwhile, if client finds that it is not enough, GSL ENERGY hybrid inverter and powerwalls can also support parallel way to increase more output and energy storage at night. Powerweallsmarbms can support 14 pcs connection to increase 140kwh at max, while 7.6kva hybrid inverter can also support 8pcs to reach 50kwh input and output, pv panel arrays can also reach 60kwh input at max, too.

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