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GSL ENERGY successfully offers power storage wall 30kwh lifepo4 battery solution to match Growatt Hybrid inverters for South African clients


After two weeks deep communication and cooperation, GSL ENERGY power storage wall 10kwh successfully was matched with Growatt Hybrid inverter 5kva series via RS485/Canbus protocol agreement.
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“We are so glad to hear of this news today”, said by Mr. Steve, CEO of South African solar company. “Growatt is one of the most famous and biggest solar inverters in the world now. Its quality is very great and its price is also competitive. We just bought containers of quantity at 400pcs Growatt SPF series to meet our local market needs from end clients in south Africa here. However, lifepo4 battey price is dropping each year and can be competitive than present traditional lead acid batteries now. We need to find a good quality lifepo4 battery factories in China to match Growatt Hybrid inverters. We contacted several Alibaba factories named GSL ENERGY, MERITSUN, YIY, etc. but only GSL ENERGY partner gave us a great impression on their experienced on lifepo4 battery technology and skillful to know RS485 and canbus protocol agreement. We finally choose GSL ENERGY as our long term partner in the future because Ms Vciky Rao from GSL ENERGY gave us so great service and technical support at once.”

“Thanks so much for MR. Steve trust to choose our GSL ENERG power storage wall products. GSL ENERGY powerwall is purely developed by GSL ENERGY smart bms team and it is very strong, heavy duty and powerful now. It can not only have rs485/canbus inside , but also meet all off grid solar inverters in the world .too. The BMS can support large discharge current from 100-140A to meet all present solar inverter 48vdc from 4kva to 12kva pure sine wave inverter discharge bigger to heavy home loading like air conditioners , etc. Anyway, we spent over 2 years to test our powerwall products and bms to over 20 different countries clients and collected their final feedback to improve its stability now. We will also offer the same ten years warranty as TESLA POWERWALL does , too. We are surely confident on our top great A lifepo4 battery cells with cycle life 5000 times now. “

Mr. David Guo, senior engineer of GSL ENERGY power storage wall ESS dept, said, “our power storage wall right now can be updated latest version to meet clients to connect over 10pcs parallel powerwalll to get over 500ah -3000ah now. The SOC inside CANBUS is updated to communicate with Growatt protocol and meet bigger home loading charge and discharge needs now. Old version last time just support SOC recognize to 200AH at max only. Now it can be showed 3000AH at max now. “

GSL ENERGY powerwall 10kwh can be connect 15pcs in parallel way at max via CANBUS, while 14PCS via RS485 version now.

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