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GSL ENERGY successfully offered 384v 300ah 100KWH UPS lifepo4 battery solutions for COVID-19 MEDICAL CT MOBILE TRUCKS


After 20 days hard working, GSL ENERGY finally offered 384v 300ah UPS lifepo4 battery solutions on COVID Medical CT mobile trucks.

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The CT mobile truck is designed to test COVID affected people for big community areas and keep each people life security. Once some people got affected, doctor can know them well at once and arrange them to live in hospital for isolation, to avoid affection again.

“Thanks very much for hard working on GSL ENERGY lifepo4 battery engineering teams, “said by Mr. Xie Xu, CEO of home company client, “ Comparing formal hospital testing via CT equipment, it is very convenient to install CT in mobile custom truck now. It is easy to move and operate. However, the biggest problem for mobile CT equipment is that we need 3phase high discharge power supply for each operation and scan testing. Traditional of 100kwh with lead acid batteries will be big and very heavy. Much worse, we can only use for a couple hours. We have to give it up and look for new power supply solution. Then we finally found GSL ENERGY in Alibaba and talk to Mr. Jim Deng on our needs. It is so surprise that the CEO Mr. Jim Deng at once called us back and arrange to send GSL ENERGY professional engineer team to meet and visit us, and help us to design related lifepo4 battery UPS solutions. GSL ENERGY has over 9 years on these 3phase UPS lifepo4 battery backup solutions and we are so happy to cooperate with GSL ENERGY finally. After this demo unit is approved by our government, we will plan to need 500-2000 sets GSL ENERGY high voltage 384V 300AH for our COVID 19 CT scan trucks to save people life and avoid affections. “

“When Mr. Xie called me and send us request on this project, I at once asked our R&D engineer team to offer solution at once.“ said by Mr. Jim Deng , CEO of GSL ENERGY, “ Present COVID 19 situation is still very bad in the world, and GSL ENERGY is very happy to do something to all clients to overcome this COVID 19 and definitely hope our government and doctors from hospital to control this world-wide COVID-19 battle. It is very meaningful for GSL ENERGY to get involved in this project. I am so sad to see the data increased from COVID-19 reports in global reports and eager to do something to help our clients to control it or win it. Thanks for Mr. Xie trust and we will keep more cooperation in the future. “

For full project, GSL ENERGY not only offers lifepo4 battery 384v 300ah 100kwh solutions, but also offer related matched UPS 200KVA equipment at factory direct price to end clients, too.

GSL ENERGY UPS has smart RS485 agreement with GSL ENERGY 384 smart BMS RS485 protocol agreement, which can let client to monitor the full system running state. GSL ENERGY will offer 5 years warranty on UPS equipment and 10 years warranty on lifepo4 battery system.

With under help of GSL EENRGY 100KWH battery backup, the CT scan mobile truck can offer 2 days to scan thousands of people and save more life from COVID-19 crisis from now on.

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