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GSL energy successfully offered ESS2080 20KWH 8KVA solar energy storage system solution to Vietnam clients


After just one week‘productions and testing, GSL ENERGY finally successfully delivered ESS2080 20kwh power storage wall lifepo4 battery system 8kva hybrid solar inverter storage system to Vietnam clients.

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“The present GSL ENERGY hybrid 8kva inverter is the smartest and most powerful in the world right now. It can not only accept 9800wh PV solar panels system, but also max discharge 8kwh to home loading and grid meters output. With the help using of this smart hybrid inverter,  clients can fully charge GSL ENERGY 20kwh power storage wall battery system at first, then offer extra power to loading or sell extra green energy to grid net via meter. "said by Ms Janice Ma, sales director of GSL ENERGY. “After using our smart hybrid inverter, clients can meet zero carbon green life in the next 20 years. Our powerful inverter can also support 3-4unit air conditioner for home use too, meeting common residential family daily use.”

“We are so glad to know Ms Janice and cooperate with GSL ENERGY,“ said by Mr. Cuong, CEO of Vietnam solar company. “ We also searched and contact a lot of wall-mounted lifepo4 batteries from But most of them are looking the same and we are confused to choose which one will be the best or the real factory to make wall-mounted batteries. We contacted GSL ENERGY, Meritsun, Rose solar, Greensunsolar , etc. We finally found that GSL ENERGY has over 10 years history in Alibaba website which is showed very professionally and impressively. During communication, only Ms Janice from GSL ENERGY who can answer us all of related power storage wall lifepo4 battery questions and we are so glad to see that GSL ENERGY also has great powerful hybrid inverters, too. That will save us a lot of time and money on buying them from others. We will test GSL ENERGY products for months and finally make large purchasing orders to GSL ENERGY in 2020.”

“GSL ENERGY Alibaba platform has 10 years history and offers over 5000 different solutions on solar energy storage system for off grid or hybrid on-off grid solar system since 2006. At present, all of lithium battery storage system are still running well and our clients love to work and promote our products locally. GSL ENERGY one stop solution on solar ESS will help end clients save a lot money and time, too. Because GSL ENERGY solar lifepo4 battery storage system just needs to be plugged and played only. No need to do any difficult things because GSL ENERGY has offered all related system components design, user manual and installation guideline to end clients. “

GSL ENERGY will offer 5 years full system warranty to all end clients on GSL ESS series , including 5 years IP65 hybrid inverter and 10 years power storage wall lifepo4 battery storage system.

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