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How To Make Your Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer?


Many golf carts usually run on the lead-acid batteries, much more like the normal vehicles do. Nevertheless, the difference which is there is that the batteries of golf cart are typically 6, 8, or 12-volt deep-cycle acid lead battery, whereas the normal vehicle uses the 12-volt ignition or starter battery. Furthermore, the cart battery doesn’t recharge itself as the vehicle does with their batteries. Constant use all through the day can totally drain the battery of golf carts, where it can shorten battery life. Though with a short lifetime charge, you are required to do reliable service to lengthen their lifetime. The question comes, how to make your golf cart batteries last longer?

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Always use the distilled water:

The battery maintenance works the best in the well-ventilated area on the level and plain surface. After you have removed the plastic caps of the battery cells, top off every cell’s reservoirs using the distilled water. Certainly not use tap or plain water. Also, certainly not allow the cell’s fluid level to go below the plates. Additionally, do not let the water level in a battery be very high. You should not touch the plastic lip which goes down to a battery from a plastic cap. Too much of water can lead to the acid overflow on batteries’ top and possibly damaging the floor garage below.


Use the proper battery charger:

You need to attach the golf cart battery to the 3-phase charger by ensuring that a charger’s positive lead has been connected to a positive pole or battery red and the negative lead has been joined with a negative pole. It is also wise to charge a battery each time a golf cart has been used.


Limit the discharge rate:

It is always recommended by the battery manufacturers to limit the discharge rate up to 50% for the ideal battery cycle life. You can determine a 50% DOD (Depth of Discharge) by applying the full charge to a battery, and run time increase. Often check the charge’s state with the simple hydrometer. The battery usually manufactures the particular gravity chart which shows what a hydrometer can read at the full charge, and identify once it reaches particular percentages of the discharge. Occasionally checking hydrometer readings can give you the right idea of how much the run-time of the golf cart battery can work before you reach 50% discharge. Charging the battery at 50% DOD, or before, significantly promotes the longer service life.


Prevent Corrosion:

The corrosion of a golf cart battery’s posts and connections is the primary factor which shortens its life. That is the reason you require to make sure the battery is not discharging for more than 70% of the reserve capacity rated. This is so because as it takes longer to recharge, more heat is created which will destroy it by gradually eroding the plates.


Choose trickle charge battery:

If you want to store the battery for a long time, then you need to use the trickle charger which keeps it charging when it is stored. Using the solar charger will also work and will prolong its life. For the best trickle charger, you need to look for the one which is recommended for that work.

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Turn off golf cart when you are not using it:

Make sure you turn off golf cart when you are not using the battery. Just like the mobile phones, if you left it for long turned on, there will be a greater chance of the battery being fully discharged. You may require jump-starting the gas-powered cart when this happens. Remember to turn off the radio, lights and also other devices if you are done from using it. Do not leave the key there; take it away before you left the cart. A way in which you drive will also create an impact on the life of the golf cart battery. To extend its life, you need to prevent the high hillsides and don’t bring the unessential things.


Proper maintenance:

The proper maintenance includes checking the water levels together with topping off every cell to battery manufacturers commended standards as required. It also involves the visual inspections which require correct wiring and clean terminals, and then makes the repairs as necessary. You need to perform the regular equalization charges no less than one in every month. This is the crucial part for the proper maintenance which will help to increase golf cart battery.


Pay more for which can last longer:

The cheaper battery has a shorter life span when compared to the excellence cart battery which cost more. This can last for up to ten years if properly maintained. Therefore, you can end up getting a long run when the initial investment becomes high. Also, you need to look out for the tax cuts every time. This battery can often be used in renewable energy projects.


Use the anti-corrosion lubricants:

Golf cart battery acid is the primary agent for corroding the internal parts. To stop this, wire lugs, nuts, terminals, and bolts are coated with quality non-hardening sealant. The thin layer of petroleum jelly or pure Vaseline on a battery’s terminals provides added protection. Sealing any wires which are exposed at terminal lugs with the submersible rubber tape will extend its longevity. These products can generally be found at the local auto store parts.


Recondition the battery once it fails to accept a charge:

Batteries which have been discharged very often can have sulfur deposits to the copper plates which are inside a battery which prevent the golf cart battery from being charging. In this, you are required to remove sulfur deposits which are through removing plastic caps from the cells. You can also use the turkey baster to approximately remove half of a liquid from every cell of a battery.


The golf cart batteries will have a long life if all factors are considered. Though other tips are different, they need to be followed keenly. For your safety, you need to work in the ventilated area always when working this battery and wear the gloves and eye goggles.

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