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Laying the Future of Clean Fuels with Solar Storage Batteries


Solar energy is where the future of clean and reliable energy sources will be written. Solar energy is free and renewable. The trend of solar power usage seems to be taking residential markets by storm as witnessed in the number of panels popping out from many rooftops. Research trends in clean fuels and the growing interest in solar energy have made the solar industry one of the best employment providers in the world.

Most households are attracted to solar energy due to its low cost in the long run. Government agencies and organizations have been on the front lead to ditch fossil energy sources. Therefore, the use of solar energy presents a better avenue for a clean environmental friendly source of energy. Additionally, with the continued debate on electricity metering, households that do not want running out of energy during power outages find solar energy as the last resort. The need to tap solar energy and continue to power homes even after the sun has gone down and during cold seasons, delivers the opportunity for solar batteries. 

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As solar energy revolutionizes how people power their homes, the need for solar storage battery overwhelms the entire market. We prepared this guide to help you learn all you need to know about solar batteries. Solar batteries enable households to store solar energy after it has been tapped during the day. During the evening, they can use the tapped energy after the sun has set.

Background of solar storage battery

It has taken more than two decades for the Lithium Ion battery industry to establish itself. Lithium batteries were introduced as a replacement for lead-acid batteries. Lead acid batteries had been popular but the electrochemical potential of Lithium put in place; a lighter and more efficient source of energy that had the highest energy density per weight. The first lithium-ion batteries were launched in the 1970s and the most efficient model of the batteries was released in 1994. The main disadvantage of lead-acid batteries even though they had been popular, was their weight. The weight made them less convenient for transportation to residential households. Additionally, the weight also inhibited usability. 

Benefits of the introduction of Lithium batteries

The evolving nature of Lithium Ion batteries has delivered a number of benefits in the energy sector. These benefits include the following.

-High energy

Lithium-ion batteries are a long-lasting and a stable source of power. Their high energy density properties make them have a high power capacity. When it comes to households using the lithium battery for solar storage, energy needs for high power devices are usually met excellently. 

-Fast to charge and slow discharge time

Lithium batteries recharge quickly and discharge after a long period of usage. The rate of discharge is impressive compared to most of the other batteries in the market. Therefore, these batteries have a longer shelf life which makes them an avenue for solar storage. Since the energy from the sun is stored for usage at night, the energy needs of your household call for long shelf life. Additionally, the batteries are durable and can last for over ten years. Lithium batteries are known to handle thousands of charge-discharge cycles before dying out. 

-Low maintenance rate

The performance of lithium batteries is not affected by the level of maintenance. In fact, these batteries require no maintenance tasks as compared to nickel-cadmium batteries that require you to discharge them and prevent memory effects. 

-Size and weight

Lithium batteries are usually lighter and smaller in size. The compact size is an added advantage for solar energy tapping since it enhances portability and transportation.

The above advantages associated with Lithium-Ion battery technology have enabled it to solve the solar energy night gap. Since solar energy is never available at night, better storage batteries with a 12-hour clock shelf life are most preferred.

Performance of solar storage battery


Note that back before the introduction of lithium batteries, people had to contend with low power performance during low-temperature conditions. With Lithium batteries, the performance only goes down by 20% during cold temperatures. You should also note that the lead-acid batteries did a little more performance struggling during extremely hot conditions. Solar batteries will usually work to their level best during cold weather and store enough energy just as they would in normal conditions. Although the efficiency effort during warm weather is a little bit higher for solar batteries, the reliability will still be fine. 

-Solar Storage is Clean

Solar storage battery has made further strides towards an environmentally friendly source of energy than lead-acid batteries. Lithium-Ion batteries reduce the impact on the earth by reducing the number of parts in a standard battery. Manufacturing companies are also up to the task of upholding green energy by using solar batteries. Therefore, these strides are meant to not only reduce the carbon footprint but also increase put us closer with a greener future. 

-Smart Powered Solar Storage

Trends in technology that aim to create a smart powered future have found their way into solar storage batteries. Models that can be connected to the cloud will enable the interconnection of solar storage batteries with artificial intelligence tools. Such tools can easily predict weather patterns and thereby focus on storing more energy when the sun rays seem to disappear. The smart powered solar storage batteries can help boost more energy storage and reduce the amount of wasted energy. Smart powered batteries can also accept wireless commands, which give them more functionality. 

The solar storage battery is a means to a greener future and lays the foundation of an eco-friendly energy cycle. You do not have to worry about low shelf life, long charging periods to full capacity or the cost of energy. If you are looking for the high-value performance of solar energy, then the solar batteries are for you. The solar battery can also be used as a convenient backup power when your household or company has suffered from an outage. The future of solar energy is as green as the future it holds. Solar storage batteries are laying the foundations of an economical eco-friendly source of clean fuel.

The above is contributed by GSL GROUP Limited, should you have any doubt weighing on your mind, welcome to reach GSL.

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