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Thailand client Mr. Lee visited GSL ENERGY for 26650 cells and lithium battery packs cooperation


Today, Thailand client Mr. Lee visited GSL ENERGY for 26650 lifepo4 battery cells and packs cooperation together.

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news-Thailand client Mr Lee visited GSL ENERGY for 26650 cells and lithium battery packs cooperation

“We are so glad to visit GSL ENERGY again, “ sady by Mr. Lee, from Thailand lighting solutions company, “ Last year, we visited GSL ENERGY 26650 lifepo4 battery cells and pack factory and saw advanced GSL ENERGY 26650 advanced production lines on lifepo4 battery cells. We tested some 26650 cylindrical cells 3.2v 3200mah inside our advanced tested equipment and so far so good. The GSL 26650 cylindrical lifepo4 battery cells are very great quality and the testing result is very amazing. We are so satisfied with these cells quality testing. Now we will process more serious cooperation on 26650 lifepo4 battery cells on our led lighting products. Our led Lighting products are used for high end clients in USA and we are very picky and strict to choose lithium battery suppliers and manufacturers. Once we approve related factory products, we will look forward to more cooperation with partners.”

“I am so happy to see Mr. Lee again, “said by Ms Kelsey , G.M of GSL ENERGY, “ we knew Mr. lee from Thailand energy show in Bangkok and we invited Mr. Lee to visit our advanced lithium battery cells manufacturing base and send some 26650 lifepo4 battery cells samples for Mr. Lee company testing then. We are very confident that our 26650 cells will meet Mr. Lee Led Lighting equipment because we exported our lifepo4 battery pack via 26650 cells since 2012. Our 12V KS energy series lifepo4 battery packs are made by our these 26650 cells with passing  CE, RHOS, UN38.3, MSDS, IEC62133, IEC62619. Etc. We will look forward to more cooperation with Mr. Lee company in the future.”

On meeting, Ms Vicky used PPT to introduced advantage of 26650 cylindrcial lithium battery cells, packs, and related overseas project cases which GSL energy 26650 packs are widely used in the world.

Mr Lee forecasted to place orders of 26650 cells and related packs at 10000-50000 pcs each month in 2020-2024. “ We will place first order 10000 pcs cells and packs in 2 months and will buy more from GSL ENERGY factory then.”


GSL Energy is one of the leading lithium battery manufacturers and high-tech companies in China. We are specialized in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of the lithium iron phosphate(LiFePo4)batteries and lithium ion(NMC) batteries. Our standard workshops cover about 200000 square meters for the cathode powder, battery cells and battery packs production. We have more than 520 employees and 90 experienced R&D Engineers.

After years of success in the global market, our R&D team is dedicated to continual product development to improve the performance reliability of our product range. We have an extensive range of lithium batteries for different kinds of applications:


Lead Acid Replacement

Medical Equipment

Marine &Electric Boat


UPS, Backup Power

Military Equipment

Electric Vehicles

Energy Storage Systems

GSL Energy is certified with ISO9001,ISO14001, TS16949 and OHSAS18001 management systems. Our products have obtained CE,TUV,IEC62133,CCA,KC,BIS,ROHS,UN38.3,MSDS certificates and also have the worldwide product liability insurance.

Our goal is to provide the best service in helping our customers to achieve sustainable and economically sensible power and energy management practices. Whether it is reducing our dependencies on coal-fired generation facilities, reducing carbon emissions or accelerating the adoption of renewable integration and alternative-fuel vehicles.

GSL Energy-A Global Leading LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer.

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